10 Bands to Watch at Warped Tour 2018

Dead Girls Academy (hard rock): www.facebook.com/DeadGirlsAcademy
Dead Girls Academy are definitely making waves with their debut album, Alchemy, which came out last Friday (6/15).
Be sure to catch them on the Owly.fm Stage through July 8th. Check out the band’s new single “Everything” which was
released last Thursday. We think DGA are about to blow up.

The Interrupters (punk/ska): www.wearetheinterrupters.com
Beginning July 14th you can catch The Interrupters skanking around on the Journeys Left Foot Stage. Their 3rd album,
Fight The Good Fight, is set to drop on June 29th featuring their infectious single “Kerosene”.

Simple Plan (pop-punk): www.simpleplan.com
What can I say about Simple Plan? Everyone grew up listening to them and seeing them bring their all at every live
show. They have become a staple on the tour playing at least a handful of shows every year. After Warped Tour they’ll
be entering the studio to work on their 6th studio album. Catch them all summer long on the Journeys Right Foot

Tonight Alive (pop-punk): www.tonightalive.com
Tonight Alive are probably one of the most energetic bands on the tour and vocalist Jenna McDougall really gets the
crowd going throughout the entire set. The band released their killer new album earlier this year called Underworld
and will be rocking the Journeys Right Foot Stage all summer.

Shiragirl (pop/dance): www.shiragirl.com
The amazing Shiragirl has brought back her stage for the final year and just released her new EP today.  Her live
shows are never short of fun and energetic.  You can check her out on the Shiragirl stage in Pomona, San Diego and
Ventura and was added to the Full Sail Stage on July 23rd in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and July 24th in Noblesville,

Palaye Royale (fashion-art rock): www.palayeroyale.com
This summer Palaye Royale returns for another round on the Vans Warped Tour and rocking the Owly.fm Stage for the
whole tour. They’re one of our favourite bands to see live and put on a hell of a show that you don’t want to miss.

Sharptooth (hardcore): www.sharptoothband.com
Sharptooth are an awesome female fronted hardcore band from Baltimore.  They toured earlier this year with Anti-Flag
tearing up the stage with their infectious songs and can be found on the Red Dawn Stage all summer long.

With Confidence (pop-punk): www.withconfidenceband.com
Australian pop-punk band With Confidence are back for a second round on Warped Tour this summer. This band
creates catchy and fun poppy tunes that you can dance to.  They can be seen all summer on the Owly.fm Stage.

Assuming We Survive (pop-punk): www.assumingwesurvive.com
LA locals Assuming We Survive have been touring like crazy and killing it on every tour they do. They put on one hell of
a live show and they will be out tearing up the Owly.fm Stage all summer long.

Silverstein (post-hardcore): www.silversteinmusic.com
Silverstein is a great part of Warped Tour history. They have incredible energy live and no matter which part of the day
they play, you'll leave feeling pumped for the rest of the Warped Tour day. A large catalog of music, they always mix up
their music in a way that they are never boring to see but also easy for people who have never seen them live to get
into. Catch them on the Red Dawn Stage July 17-20 and July 25-28.

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Words by: Maureen Benedict & Julie Popelka