After a bit of a hiatus to focus on other projects Chicago-
based punk band Allister were feeling a bit nostalgic and have
returned with a best of album titled, 20 Years and Counting.  
The album that is due out on January 30th will feature re-
recorded or remastered versions of sixteen of the bands
biggest songs from the past 20 years including “Somewhere
On Fullerton”, “Radio Player”, “A Lotta Nerve”, “5 Years”,
“Runaway” and “All We Needed” to name a few.  20 Years and
Counting, will also have four brand new songs, “Stay With
Me”, “Peremptory Challenge”, “Back To Brookline” and
“Carousel” and the album artwork includes something from all
five albums the band has released. The band have recorded 2
new videos for the anniversary including a new video for
“Somewhere On Fullerton” which can be viewed

In March the band will be heading over to Japan to kick off
their 20-year anniversary tour. The Japanese leg of their tour
will kick-off on March 10th in Chiba and

wrap up on March 17th in Kanagawa.  
There are plans in the works for a US and
UK tour at some point this year.  Keep an
eye out.

Tickets for the Japanese tour can be

purchased here.
Chicago-Based Punk Band Allister Return with Best Of Album and Tour
Words by: Maureen Benedict
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