Travis & Feldy Presents: Back To The Beach Festival
Huntington State Beach
April 28-29, 2018

Earlier this year it was announced that Travis Barker of Blink 182 and John
Feldmann of Goldfinger were teaming up to create a new festival called Back
To The Beach.  It was a two-day festival on April 28th and 29th at the Huntington
State Beach in Huntington Beach, California. What was amazing was that this
festival was actually on the beach and would have an amazing lineup of ska
bands.  The festival had tons of different food venders and companies
including Chronic Candy, Famous Stars & Straps and KROQ, among others.  
Chronic Candy is a company that makes delicious gourmet chocolate
containing 200mg of really good CBD. I got some to use with my shoulder pain
and I barely experienced any pain after carrying my camera gear around all day.
I highly recommend checking them out.  Famous Stars & Straps were giving
out buttons, guitar picks, beer coozies, stickers, etc.  On Saturday KROQ was
doing a drawing to win a guitar signed by 311 frontman Nick Hexum and on
Sunday for a drumhead signed by Travis Barker. The festival encouraged fans
to bring their children and have a fun day on the beach with special activities for
children including a mechanical shark.

On Saturday The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Aquabats, Hepcat and others
graced the stage on the beach throughout the day.  Aquabats got the crowd
going by throwing a bunch of inflatable sharks in the crowd during “The Shark
Fighter”. Former drummer Travis Barker joined the band in his matching outfit
to play “Super Rad”, “Powdered Milk Man” and “Idiot Box” with them.  They
ended their set with “Pool Party” where they threw beach balls and inflatable
pizza, snakes and beach balls into the crowd. Mighty Mighty Bosstones took the
stage opening with “The Old School Off The Bright” from their 2002 album A
Jackknife To A Swan. They put on a highly energetic set with hits like “The
Rascal King” and their cover of “Simmer Down”. At the end they brought out the
Aquabats and members of Reel Big Fish to sing and skank along to “The
Impression That I Get”. The Bosstones never fail to impress and are nothing
short of awesome. The night ended with 311 closing out the show to a massive
crowd of fans singing along to every word of their hit singles like “All Mixed Up”
and “Come Original”. They covered The Cure’s “Lovesong” and closed their set
with “Down”.

Day two consisted of headliners Sublime With Rome, Goldfinger featuring
Travis Barker, The Interrupters, Save Ferris and the original lineup of Fishbone.
During the Aggrolites set a pelican stopped in to hang in the crowd to check out
the show.  He was later taken to a nearby bird rescue because he was believed
to have an injured wing. One band that’s more punk rock than ska that put on
an amazing set was The Interrupters. Front woman Aimee Interrupter has such
an amazingly powerful voice and really connects with the audience.  Her
bandmates Kevin, Justin and Jesse Bivona kept the energy going jumping
around and skanking around the stage.  They played as their fans sang along
to every word of “Take Back The Power”, “Friend Like Me” and their cover of
Operation Ivy’s “Sound System”.  Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong joined them
on “Family” doing gang vocals with the whole band during the chorus.  Up next
was Save Ferris fronted by the lovely Monique Powell who ran out on the stage
as her band began playing and started jumping up and down screaming to the
crowd to start jumping. They opened with “Can’t Stop”, “Come On Eileen” and a
cover of Reel Big Fish’s “She’s Got A Girlfriend Now” with Angelo Moore from
Fishbone. Later Goldfinger took the stage with their song “A Million Lies”.  The
band consisted of the only remaining original member John Feldmann, Travis
Barker, MxPx’s Mike Herrera and ex-Story Of The Year guitarist Philip Sneed.
Later in the night they were joined on stage by member’s of Reel Big Fish for
“Superman”, a cover of Reel Big Fish’s “Sell Out”, “99 Red Balloons. Their epic
set ended with a cover of The Specials’ “Nite Club” and were also joined by No
Doubt bassist Tony Kanal. Sublime With Rome closed out the night performing
all the crowd favourites written by original singer Bradley Nowell like “Date
Rape” and “Wrong Way”.  They ended the set with Grateful Dead’s “Scarlet
Begonias” and Sublime’s “Doin’ Time”.

All in all I’m sure everyone can agree that it was one amazing weekend and are
looking forward to its return in 2019. Big thanks to Travis Barker, John
Feldmann and John Reese for putting this awesome weekend together!

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Words & photos by: Maureen Benedict
More photos from the festival can be found here:

Day 1:
Suicide Machines
Mad Caddies
The Aquabats
Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Day 2:
The Untouchables
The Aggrolites
Mustard Plug
The Interrupters
Save Ferris
Sublime With Rome