Burning Stars: Can you start by introducting yourself?
Nick Gigler: I'm Nick Gigler, I play drums for a Detroit band called Bastardous.

BS: Right now you only have 2 songs available on Bandcamp.  Do you
have any plans to head into the studio to record a full length?
Nick: We just put out our debut album. It's self-titled, and is available through a
small Michigan based label. It will be available on iTunes and other sites when
our vinyl is released, but that won't be until fall of 2015. The cd can be
purchased through Bellyache records now, www.bellyacherecords.com

BS:  In April you got to tour with the Suicide Machines.  How did the tour
Nick: The Suicide Machines tour was a blast, Rich the bass player of TSM is our
bass player. I actually met all those guys in 2003 on warped with Mest, and that
was the first group of friends I had from Detroit before eventually moving there. I
hadn't toured in about 7 years so it was a little difficult, (now that I have a 1 1/2
year old son) but, some of the shows were pretty big, about half of them sold out.
TSM have always been one of my favorite bands, and Derek Grant is an idol of
mine, so it was surreal to be riding in a van with him, hearing Alkaline Trio
stories. He was a great guy, and pretty understanding of us Bastardous dudes
being drunk 15 nights in a row.

BS: Are there any highlights from the tour you would like to share?
Nick: Every night was so much fun, but Chicago was probably the best, it was
sold out at Reggies, and a bunch of my old friends and family were there. We
really got to bro down with a fellow Detroit band called Break Anchor on the tour
too, it's Jay Navarro from TSM other band and they kick ass and are great
dudes. Check em out!

BS: You have mostly done east coast dates so far. Do you have any
plans to hit the west coast and do a full tour in the near future?
Nick: It's always easier to do east coast tours, because the drives are a lot
shorter. This opportunity was proposed to us and we had to say yes. We don't
have plans as of now to head west, but I always loved that part of the country,
and we definitely would if it made sense. I'm actually heading to Anaheim this
Thursday to play a Mest reunion show at the HOB, but Bastardous will probably
have to wait.

BS: Dream tour?
Nick: Dream tour? Man that's tough. NOFX has always been up there for me, I'm
not sure how fans of them would respond to us though. I'm a big Alkaline Trio
fan, and I think their fans would like Bastardous. I bring a lot of their songwriting
style to our songs...well I try anyway. So that would be the tour I guess, NOFX,
Alkaline Trio, and The Bronx from Los Angeles because I just fucking love that
band right now.

BS: If you could be invisible for a day, where would you go and what
would you do?
Nick: Invisible for a day? I guess like, I'd hang out in a Victoria's Secret dressing
room all day right?

BS: Anything else you'd like to add?  Final words for your fans?
Nick:  I'd just add, that I am unbelievably excited about Bastardous, these songs
are some of the greatest I've ever been a part of. My singer/guitarist Tony Del
Bel writes amazing songs, and we naturally come together to make them even
better. I believe there's 3 songs online, and a video for "Kristen" that I put
together of us in the studio (www.vimeo.com/123322230). Check us out on
Facebook, and all that good stuff.

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