Burning Stars: You released your debut EP back in June called The Sidelines.  What was your favorite song to write or record and
Vlad Holiday: I would say the last track, titled "Cover My Band's Song" was most fun to record. We got to play around with a lot of weird
guitar effect pedals, vintage keyboards and organs, celeste, Tibetan bells, etc. Also I've never told anyone this, but the song is actually an
intro track to the first track on our full length album... It's sort of a connector between the two bodies of work. The full length will be out in

BS: Earlier this year you signed with Razor & Tie Records.  What made you pick them?
Vlad: We all seemed to share similar visions for Born Cages. Although their roster isn't filled with similar sounding bands as us, they
understand what we want to be. We have the same goals.

BS: Currently you are just mostly doing shows in and around New York City.  Are there plans in the near future to do a full tour?
Vlad: Of course we'd love to tour all over the world, but it's all an uphill battle that we're slowly building towards. Even though we really do
have the most fun and feel most at home in nyc, we wanna leave a mark in other places and show people what we can do. We'll be at
SXSW in Austin, Texas this March and I'm sure we'll make our way to the West coast around the same time.

BS: If you could tour with anyone dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Vlad: Well, it's always a dream to open for groups you look up to, so I'd love to open for Metric, U2, The Killers, Muse, Arctic Monkeys, The
Vaccines, The Kills... this list can go on forever.

BS: Back in February you got to open up for Guns N Roses in Cleveland and Maryland.  How did this come about?  What went through
your head when you got asked to do the shows?
Vlad: The phone call came as a shock to me of course. At that point we'd only been a band for 6 shows. They were looking for a last
minute opener and their guitarist Richard Fortus had heard some of our songs and dug them. I was told that's how we got the gigs.

BS: Do you have any crazy fan stories you would like to share?
Vlad: Born Cages fans aren't crazy, they're all people I would hang out with on a daily basis. But in the beginning, we had this faux fan that
maybe didn't realize she didn't like us yet. In fact, she went from absolute #1 fan (interacting with everything we posted, drooling over the
music, compliments left and right... anything any hardcore fan would do), to messaging me and saying actually she doesn't like my songs,
and especially my voice. I guess it was a humbling experience for me. Also, I think she's back to liking the band again.

BS: If you could have a super power for a day, what would it be?  Would you use it for good or evil?
Vlad: I would have the power to bring utter peace on earth, but I would use it for evil.

BS: What are the bands plans for the remainder of 2013 and after the new year?
Vlad: We're doing a co-headlining tour with NGHBRS around this area in December. After the new year we'll be planning the release of our
debut album.

BS: Anything else you would like to add?  Final words for your fans?
Vlad: To our fans, thanks for sticking with us all this time, and thanks for your patience with our full length. The music industry moves a
certain way and you have to put out the album at a certain time if you have certain goals. But your patience will be rewarded. Also, to any
new fans reading this, grab your phone right now and follow us on all the socials: @borncages on Instagram and Twitter,
facebook.com/borncages and youtube.com/borncages.
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