Courage My Love
Mohawk Place
Buffalo, NY
April 24, 2019

On April 24th fans and people looking for a fun night braved the cold to
see Kitchener, Ontario pop-punk trio Courage My Love. After having to
cancel their US tour with Potty Mouth, the band decided to keep the
show they booked with After Dark Events at the Mohawk Place in
Buffalo, New York. Doors opened promptly at 6:00pm with a few local
openers to warm the crowd up. Shortly after 9:00pm the band came
down from the upstairs dressing rooms and took the stage. Drummer
Phoenix Arn-Horn started singing the opening lines of "Love Hurts"
from behind her kit before the music kicks in and her sister Mercedes
takes over on vocals. Bassist Brandon Lockwood got the crowd going
while jumping around the stage and plucking away on his bass. The
band went right into their hit song "Kerosene" following it up with "Two
Headed Monster" from their sophomore album,
Synesthesia. They
introduced their new single "Remission" without skipping a beat.
"Remission" was received very well by the crowd despite it being so
new.  Later in the set was an epic cover of MGMT's "Electric Feel". Other
songs played were crowd favourites "Tough Love", "Need Someone",
"Skin & Bone" and "Stereo", to name a few. After leaving the stage the
crowd started chanting for more so the band returned to give us a
couple more songs before finishing the set with "You Don't Know How".
Most of the crowd was singing along and dancing with the band
throughout the entire set. The energy between the band and the crowd
was amazing and there were smiles all around.

Be sure to check out our interview & photos from the show.

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Words and photos by: Maureen Benedict