Linkin Park & AFI
Carnivores Tour
Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Irvine, CA
September 11, 2014

On September 11th, fans came from all over Southern California and from abroad and crowded
around the front gates of the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine, California. When the
gates finally opened fans rushed to the stage and eagerly awaited AFI to take the stage. The
intro started playing at exactly 6:20pm before one by one the band members walked out on to
the stage and exploded into "The Leaving Song Part II". The band flew through a bunch of fan
favourites including "Girls Not Grey", "I Hope You Suffer", "Silver & Cold" and "Days Of The
Phoenix" before finishing up with their hit single "Miss Murder". AFI's set was nothing short of
explosive and energetic and definitely with their well chosen set list. This is one band that puts
their all into their live show and never fails to bring it without the use of stage props or
anything too crazy. Frontman Davey Havok is very charismatic and has a very strong stage
presence. I've seen AFI a few times in the past and they are definitely one band who's live
shows you do not want to miss.

Around 9:15pm Linkin Park took the stage opening their set with "Catalyst" and "Guilty All The
Same". The band rocked out to a sold out crowd Their hour and half plus set was divided up
into 3 acts and an encore hitting hit singles and fan favourites including "One Step Closer",
"Papercut", "Runaway", "Numb", "Somewhere I Belong", "In The End" and "Burn It Down" to
name a few. Linkin Park put on a really solid and brilliant performance each and every time I
have seen them live but this was by far the best I have seen them at. Front-men
vocalist/screamer Chester Bennington and emcee Mike Shinoda's different styles compliment
each other very well and have always set them apart from other front-men in their genre. The
band finished up their amazingly strong performance with the straight up rock singles "What
I've Done" and "Bleed It Out". Fans sang along to every word with the band throughout the
entire set and where screaming and cheering in admiration when the band finished the last

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