“Why is everything so heavy?”

I have been trying to write this since his passing last Thursday but have to keep
rewriting it.  Not that what I have previously written was bad, I just want to make sure
what I say is the best possible wording. Maybe I’m a perfectionist in a way but I just
really think he deserves the best I can give.  I’ve been struggling with his passing since
a friend of mine messaged me to give me the heartbreaking news.  I just have an
overwhelming amount of feelings to this and am having trouble getting them out onto
paper.  Not only was I a fan of this man and his band but I considered him a role model
to the younger generation who were battling demons of their own.  It’s no secret he
had been a victim of abuse, battled depression and drug abuse at a very young age.  
Things that no one should ever have to deal with.  He gave everyone hope that things
could get better.

Chester Bennington has undoubtedly touched millions of lives around the world and has
changed the music world like The Beatles and Nirvana did before him. So when news
broke of him being gone from everyone’s lives forever you can imagine not only how his
friends and family felt but how millions of people felt.  Friends and fans of the singer
have been flooding social media sites with their heartfelt condolences and warm
memories of the singer.  Not only was he a rock star he seemed to be an all around
good person and doing things to help other people.  I had the pleasure of briefly
meeting him a couple times back between 2001-2004 when him and bandmate Mike
Shinoda would jump off the stage after their set to personally thank everyone in the
front row.  They went through shaking hands and giving each person a few moments of
their time showing their appreciation for people supporting their art.  They know that if
it weren’t for the fans they would not have been catapulted into the spotlight so early
on and kept there.  There was something very special about this band formed by high
school friends in 1996 and recruiting Bennington on vocals.  Many bands have formed
successful bands similar to the sound Linkin Park have but this was different.  Chester
and Mike’s voices together were something no one could ever compare to inspiring
young bands to form.  Japanese rock band One Ok Rock have cited Linkin Park as a
huge influence for them starting a band and frontman Taka’s idol was Chester.

We have had the pleasure of shooting both Linkin Park and Chester’s side project Dead
By Sunrise in the last 8 years and are forever grateful for that opportunity.   

Chester you were such an inspiration to all the lives you touched over the years.  You
may be gone but you will never be forgotten and you will be truly missed.  No one can
ever replace you. You took a little piece of everyone when you left us and we will never
be the same.

Our sincerest condolences go out to his family, friends, the remaining members of Linkin
Park and all of their fans.

“Who cares if one more light goes out, Well I do.”

Rest In Peace Chester Bennington 1976-2017
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