CHRIS WALLACE - Highline Ballroom - APRIL 26, 2013 - New York City

This concert took place at Highline Ballroom in New York City on April 26th, 2013. The headliner was Chris Wallace
and it was presented by Z100. The venue was nice, it wasn't too small but it was still a nice size to keep a bit of
intimacy that can make concerts memorable.

The opener of the night was Ashley Allen, a female pop singer from NYC. The crowd seemed really into her, she
was getting people to dance and have fun, all the things a great opener should do. She has great style and a sound
that is a bit of 90s female pop meets the pop stars of today without being bubblegum pop.

The second act was Basic Vacation, a band that was also local to the area. They kept up the pace and kept people
interested in the main act that was coming up. They also did a fun cover of 'Everybody Wants To Rule the World' by
Tears for Fears.

The main act of the night was Chris Wallace, a pop act who resides in Los Angeles. He was also the frontman and
guitarist for The White Tie Affair. Wallace opened the show with his new single, Keep Me Crazy. His opening was
strong - the crowd was going crazy before he even hit the stage. He followed "Keep Me Crazy" with "Hurricane," a
fast track that kept the crowd feeling high. After that, he performed a cover of Taylor Swift's 'I Knew You Were
Trouble'. This was a great way to get those in the crowd that may not know his songs as well to catch up on feeling
a part of the show. There were people singing a long and having a good time. He made the song his own and you'd
never realize it was a cover if you didn't know the song. When that was done, he started introducing the next song,
'Invincible'. He told his own story about writing the song and then mentioned meeting a fan who was battling cancer
who used the song as inspriration, which was nice to see because it shows that he has a more personal connection
with his fans then a lot of other artists even at his level show. A nice surprise of the night was Chris playing a song
by his old band The White Tie Affair titled 'Candle (Sick and Tired)'. This was a nice throwback to those in the crowd
who has been a fan of his since the days that he was a part of TWTA. After that, he went back into his solo stuff and
performed 'Don't Mind If I Do". Then he slowed it down and sang 'Ready To Fall'. Before this song, he gave a
shoutout to his sister and picked up the guitar and played, which was a nice treat. Keeping with the slow vibe, he
played 'I'll Be There'. The focus on vocals rather than energy during these two songs was a welcome change of
pace. Still an enormous amount of energy was left in the room and it grew even more after the next track came.  For
the next song, he played a little guessing game with the crowd about which song he was going to perform and then
went into 'Time Bomb (Walk Away)', a song that got the crowd going all over again. His closer for the show was his
first single 'Remember When (Push Rewind). This was a perfect way to end the show. Overall, he did a really good
job. The sound was great and there wasn't anything noticeably wrong. If anything, I would say that the concert felt a
little short, but that's not anyone's fault. I would recommend that if you like any of Chris Wallace's songs or pop
music in general, you should check him out.

-Julie Pursell