AFI frontman and author Davey Havok is releasing his new book,
Love Fast Los Angeles, on February 6th.  Havok started working on
his new novel after he completed Pop Kids which was released back
in 2013.
The story follows a party photographer named Alvin who
seeks revenge against his former girlfriend while trying to be
noticed by his crush Sky Monroe.

Davey formed his band AFI in the early 90's and rose to fame in the
early 2000's with hit songs "Girls Not Grey", "Leaving Song Part 2",
"Silver & Cold", "Miss Murder" and others. He now also fronts the all
star band Dreamcar with members of No Doubt releasing their
debut self-titled album and the single "Kill For Candy" last year.

Davey is currently working on this third novel and hoping to have it
out in the near future.

The book is currently available for pre-order at:
Davey Havok To Release His Highly Anticipated Second Novel
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Photo Credit: Steve Erie