Burning Stars: Please introduce yourself and inform the fans of a single fact about yourself that you feel like they should know!
Keith Thompson (vocals/guitar): I'm Keith the lead singer and guitarist of the band. This is the first band that I’ve ever fronted! I have
always been the bassist and back up singer (live) but always guitarist and songwriter in the studio as well. Now I get the chance to step
out and be me. It feels awesome and is truly liberating.

BS: Now we know you, Keith, as the bass player and vocalist for Bleed the Dream but you’ve grown and become the guitarist and
vocalist for Fatally Yours. While making this transition have you noticed any difference in how people perceive you as a musician?
Keith: Actually, yes! I've gotten numerous comments about the vocals and that I should have started my own thing years ago. Or, at
the very least, sang more! Truth be told, I do play the bass parts in the studio with Fatally Yours. I mean, how could I not!? Hahaha!
Chad did play the bass on this up coming acoustic EP called
Stripped and he did a fantastic job, so we are all happy! Haha.

S: If you had to describe Fatally Yours to someone who has never heard the music you make what would you say? How would you
define the band and sound?
Keith: It's groove oriented alternative rock. It has hints of influential artists and bands, I think. You can hear where a lot of the Bleed
The Dream stuff came from. There's some ALK3 in there. There's some Danzig in there. Hell, some say there's some Jovi in there!
Hahahaha Who the hell knows!?

BS: Christian is credited as being instrumental in the creation of Fatally Yours... How did you two meet? Can you share with us a funny
story or embarrassing moment that involves the both of you?
Keith: Hahahaha! Oh man, I could really start a shit storm with this one!! He and I have been the absolute best of friends for about 15
years. That is a hell of a long time to even know someone more less share the things we've seen and done together. He's been there
for me SO many times, through the best and worst times. It's why this band exists. No doubt in my mind. As for the story, we will save
that for another time. ;)

BS: Your EP, Every Moment, is out and available for purchase on your website, www.fatallyyoursofficial.com, as well as itunes, amazon
and other online retailers. Can you tell us about your favourite song on the EP? What makes that song more personal to you?
Keith: It's a tough call for me. Each one means something very personal and deep to me. This week (the fav always changes) I'm going
with "Horror Fashion" because it's dark and slutty and it rocks the fuck out!! Haha

BS: When you aren’t writing, recording and performing what is your go to downtime pastime? What is the one thing that someone
would catch you doing to unwind almost every time? Is there anything you really wish you could do in your down time?
Keith: All of my time is dedicated to my son, Presley James. Everything else is second. That's just the way it is and that will never

BS: A little bird told us that Fatally Yours is working on an acoustic album! What can you tell us about this project? Which do you
prefer; acoustic or electric?
Keith: Well, you guys know that I'm a big acoustic player. That is where every song I've written starts. I say if you can't play your songs
acoustic, is it really a song?? Haha. Guess I'm old school!
Stripped should see the light of day in April and you can preview a track on
our site!

BS: What inspires you? When you write or when you compose... is there any one element that really helps you get your creative juices
Keith: Yea, love and death. I'm obsessed with both things. There will never be enough love and death songs!! Haha!

BS: Does Fatally Yours have any plans for a tour? Will you be playing any Canadian dates or just American dates to start?
Keith: We will be touring this summer. You'll be the first to know!

BS: Is there anything else that you'd like to add or tell the kids that may be reading this? Any last words or final thoughts, if you will?
Keith: I'm just really excited that the word is getting out and we are growing by the day. Every share, every tweet, every mention means
so much to us. Fatally Yours 2014!!!!!!
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Fatally Yours interview by: Maureen Benedict