Burning Stars: In October you announced you would be doing a 10 Year Anniversary Show for your album What It Is To Burn at the
Glass House in Pomona. How was the idea brought about to play the show?
Randy Strohmeyer (guitar/vocals): It all came about when our former manager Andy Harris called each of us one by one asking if we'd
be into playing a Glasshouse show and a show in London. It would be an understatement to say that we were very excited about the
opportunity to all play again. I think the only initial thought was that no one would even care anymore but the shocking part was that we
all agreed to do it in the first place. So once everything was in place we set it up and the demand far exceeded our any expectations
that we might have had. I'm still in shock that this is happening and we're all extremely great full that it came up.

BS: Since the announcement of this show and tickets selling out in minutes you have added more dates at the Glass House plus dates
throughout the US and over in the UK and Europe. Did you expect the show to sell out that quickly and for there to be such a high
demand for more shows in other cities?
Randy: We went in with absolutely no expectations at all. The fact that we have such die hard fans that connected with that album, and
whether they are going for nostalgia or because it still lives in their veins and life just as it does ours is very difficult to even put into
words. We wish we could play more shows but, there are personal limitations of what we can do with our time now a days. Many of us
have families and careers that we need to be conscious of in the real world. Finch is the only good dream and I never want to wake up,
but unfortunately, reality can be a real nightmare when you've been living in your dream world for so long. I think we've all learned our
lessons and finally figured out the right balance, and that feels great. We are so surprised and thankful that people have stuck with us
for so long even though it feels like just yesterday we were in the studio tracking those parts with Mark Trombino at Big Fish Studios.
What an amazing adventure story locked in the vaults gets to be re-opened and we couldn't be more thrilled.

BS: With about a 20 date tour coming up in February and March do you think the band will continue touring and possibly releasing new
material? Or will these be the final shows for the band?
Randy: I've learned never to say never at this point. The band has officially broken up twice formally but, I think it would be better to
leave a few more pages in this book clean and unwritten yet. You never know what could happen... That being said, there are no plans
what so ever to continue writing songs with finch or continuing on with the band after these events run there course.

BS: What are you looking forward to most to playing these shows?
Randy: Well I can't lie. I want to melt our fans faces off and we are practicing our asses off to get it just right. I want to bring the energy
of those early shows in finch where I could barely play guitar or sing back ups (still don't really know how to) and just MELT FACE!!!
We have a lot of very cool things for our fans lined up that we've been working on and I hope everyone can walk away with amazing
memories and lose themselves with us in the music, just like the old days when we weren't afraid of letting go and just saying, "fuck it,
i'm going to pogo, mosh, loose my mind and do whatever this music makes me feel like doing in the moment". It's going to be the finch
show that we've always wanted and I think the fans always wanted too, just 10 years late haha.

BS: Between 2008 and 2010 you were working on a new album. Did the album ever get finished and do you think the band will release
Randy: Yes we were. I think a lot of the rough rough rough (do I sound like a dog with rabbies yet?) demos leaked online. There is a
chance that had we made it to the point of actually recording a 3rd album in a real studio that we'd have given maybe 2 of those songs
a shot and total make overs. We always write in the moment and rarely hold onto old ideas. Like I said before, the chances of us
getting back together and actually pursing another record are slimmer than a skeleton. Hypothetically though, if we did it would be
something completely different.  P.S. I have no idea how those songs leaked out  of our vault, but it's extremely embarrassing. When
people listen to those songs in the state they were in, it's like somebody getting into your dirty laundry and airing it out in front of who
ever is curious enough to see it. It really bothered me. The last song we did in finch that I feel fully behind is Hail to the Fire. That is a
Finch song with a fitting title that actually goes full circle and completes that era of the band with dignity and our true sound.

BS: The upcoming shows will be your first shows since 2004 with Alex Pappas and with almost the original lineup. Are you excited to be
playing with him again? How come Derek Doherty is not doing these shows with you?
Randy: Yes, we're all very excited about playing with Pappas again and rekindling our friendship has been amazing. He is so
passionate about the project and it's the only true way we could have done this. His drumming on that record is truly unique and was
instrumental in forming our sound. As far as DD is concerned, we as a band do not feel we can share these experiences with him.
Irreconcilable differences you might say. We wish him well.

BS: Nate has another band called Earthbound Ghost. Do you or anyone else have other bands/projects?
Randy: Nate is also in the midst of putting out a solo record and working with his other main band Reverend Crow who will actually be
playing with us at a Glasshouse show which is rad. Pappas also has a band that will be opening up called Hancox that features the
other dudes in the Guano Bats (Pappas will however not be playing drums). I play with some of my buddies in a band called XO, we all
met when I was living in Atlanta and they recently moved out to Long Beach. They will be playing without me on one of the shows as
well. It's pretty rad that we're bringing it all back. Marc Allen is currently in Weatherbox and he will be on a Glasshouse show too. It's
funny and rad to have all people from our past and present that we're on good terms with being under the same roof. It's such a family
that we have in Finch so having an excuse to get everybody together is very very cool.

BS: Do you have anything else you would like to add or final words for your fans?
Randy: Speaking on behalf of the band, THANK YOU X ∞!!! None of this that we do now would have been possible at this point. We
owe the best times in our lives to you. If you're coming to the shows, let yourself be free! You only live once and we rarely get second
chances. Lets party like it's 1999!
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Finch nterview by: Maureen Benedict