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What It Is To Burn 10 Year Anniversary
The Fonda Theatre
December 14. 2013

After an playing 4 sold out shows at the Glasshouse back in February, sold out dates across the US, UK and
Europe and rocking the main stage at Sunset Strip Music Festival, Finch finally wrapped it all up with one final
show at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood.  For the reunion we got an almost complete original lineup which
sparked much excitement between the band and their fans with the return of original drummer, Alex Pappas.  
This show brought yet another packed house for the band bringing in fans from all over California and elsewhere
who were eager to hear the album live one last time.  At 11pm the band started their intro as the band made
their way to the stage before frontman Nate Barcalow runs on stage and the band bursts into the album opener
"New Beginnings" and the fans sing along every word.  Finch sparked so much energy with their on stage
performance which their fans fed off of and creating one of the biggest, craziest mosh pits I have seen in a while
during their hour and a half set.  Each song played so perfectly and fans singing every single word along to every
single song.  They got to "Ender" which slowed everything down as fans started holding up their lighters for the
band.  Guitarists Randy Strohmeyer and Alex Linares continued the "Ender" outro before walking off the stage.  
Several moments later the entire band emerged back on to the stage with "Worms Of The Earth".  Finch ended
their set with a new song called "Back To Oblivion", a cover of Hum's "Stars" and the finale of their hit single
"What It Is To Burn".  They all gathered in the middle of the stage and took a few bows before exiting the stage.  
The anniversary may be over but the guys will be continuing on as a band.  Hopefully we can expect to hear more
from this phenomenal band in the near future.  

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