Silverstein & Tonight Alive
The Get Free Tour
Town Ballroom
Buffalo, NY
February 26, 2018

Silverstein is one of my favorite bands. Every time I have
seen them over the last almost 15 years of being a fan they
have vastly improved.  This was my favorite set to date. They
alternated closing with their co-headliner Tonight Alive. This
date, Silverstein closed.

They opened with a song called "Ghost" (Dead Reflection).
This is one of their newer songs and it is a great opener
song. It really prepares you for the show and what is going to
come. Next they went with an old song, "Bleeds No More".
This was perfect for both old and new fans. Then they played
"Massachusetts", a song I have my own very personal
attachments to. This is one of the reasons I always enjoy
seeing this song live.

The next two songs, "Whiplash" and "Lost Positives" came
from their latest album and it was a good transition. It really
helps amplify the energy. After they play some older songs,
"Smashed Into Pieces" (When Broken Is Easily Fixed),
"Smile In Your Sleep" (Discovering The Waterfront),
"Sound of the Sun" (Arrivals and Departures), and "Sacrifice"
(Rescue). This was something I loved, being a long time fan.
I always adore seeing their older stuff and to see how they
have improved over time. They "always play their old shit"
which is what I like to hear.

At this point, the band leaves the stage. Paul Marc (guitarist)
gets set up to do his solo song "Arrivals" on the keyboard.
The crowd was a bit rude at this point but Paul Marc handled
it very well. The song was beautiful. This lead into Shane
playing "My Heroine" acoustic and that finished with a full
band, I thought it was phenomenal.

"Retrograde" was their next song and it definitely shifted the
tone back to where the energy had been prior to slowing
down. Another thing that I admire about this band. Loud and
heavy! "A Midwestern State of Emergency" (I Am Alive In
Everything I Touch) kept the crowd going. Then they "ended"
with "Broken Stars" (A Shipwreck in the Sand). This is where
they left the stage and came back with an encore.
"Discovering the Waterfront" was the first encore song and it
is probably one of my top Silverstein songs of all time, both
for enjoyment and personal reasons. The song they actually
closed the show with was "The Afterglow". It was an amazing
song to close with, It left me wanting more (in a good way).
They changed the lyric to "heartbreak in a Mighty Taco
parking lot" - if you're from Buffalo or know Buffalo, you'll

This was an amazing show. I liked all of the bands that
played. Picturesque opened and Tonight Alive played after. I
was a little bummed out that Broadside dropped off this date,
they were the 2nd band I wanted to see that night, besides
Silverstein. All of these bands are playing dates on Warped
Tour 2018, if they are playing the date near you, be sure to
check them out.

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Words & photos by: Julie Popelka