Burning Stars: You have a new album coming out this year titled APT 13.  Can you tell
me a little about it?  When can fans expect it to be released?
Tom Thacker: APT 13 is our 6th full length album. We produced/engineered/mixed it
ourselves so it is pure, unadulterated gob. It will be released in Spring 2014.
Steven Fairweather: APT 13, is a natural evolution from our last record we feel, honestly we
all sat around and listened to a few dozen songs that tom had been working on and we all
picked our favorites, and what came about was a pretty hard rockin' record, one that we are
stoked on. We are still in the process of securing a date/ record label stuff, so no official date
as of yet, but IT WILL BE this Spring, with a tour to follow.

BS: This is your first album in about 7 years.  Did you take your time with recording
and mixing to make sure to make sure the album came out the way you wanted?
Tom: We actually started working on APT 13 in 2010 but everyone had their distractions, I
was touring with Sum 41 pretty heavily, we basically chipped away at the record until it was
Steven: Yes thats a huge part, we definitely took our time, with all parts of the recording, also
being a “free agent” (no label as we recorded) we didn’t have any time frame boundaries to
work against in getting it all done. the fins result is what we feel is a rad album.

BS: It's been a while since the band has toured down in the states, do you have any
tour plans in the works?
Tom: We plan to tour as much of the world as we possibly can on this record. An Eastern US
tour is very likely since Steven and I both live in NYC but we'll try to extend that all the way to
sunny California.

BS: Dream tour?
Steven: dream tour? being in “the spiders from mars" band, backing Bowie! in 73’.
Tom: Or we could back Morrissey as "the crabs from pluto".
Steven: you KNOW I’ve always wanted to “back” Moz! but wasn’t it “crabs around Uranus”?
Tom: I was thinking Pluto considering Moz' icy demeanor but Steven, I think I do prefer Uranus.

BS:  The band formed almost 20 years ago.  What has been the most memorable
experience thus far in your career?
Tom: Most memorable moment of our career? I don't even remember half of them. We've
basically seen and done it all, I'm really just stoked to be still doing it.

BS: How do you feel the music industry has changed since the band started?  And
where do you see it going?
Steven: The music industry has gotten a totally overhaul!, 20 years ago kids actually bought
cd’s, so its all gone back to a DIY vibe, just because the money isn’t there like it was for those
big labels..it has its pros and cons for sure, but good music, is always around, and makes
waves when it is in fact good. That’ll never change.
Tom: The main thing that has changed in the music industry since we started is that the
internet plays an even more important role. Honestly, I love the fact that anyone can record a
song on their computer, post it online and it could outsell a major label artist. It's music
anarchy. Fuck the industry. Use a condom.

BS: If you were to have a super power, what would it be and would you use it for
good or evil?
Steven: Man THAT is the question of all questions: do you go for Immortality, to see the world
change around you, re live life over and over,.or pick superhuman intelligence, so you invite
tech that changes the world for the better, at the same time reaping in the money to have a
great life,..for you and your loved ones…but at the end of the day,..it always goes back to the
classic answer FLIGHT!
Tom: How about the ability to pause time… you could get so much shit done!
Steven: YES!, not unlike Zack Morris from saved by the bell!

BS:  Is there anything else you would like to add?  Anything you want to say to your
Steven: hmmm, just our thanks! for reaching out to us, and to everyone reading this, we are
looking forward to seeing you very, very soon!

Keep an eye out for the release of Apt 13!
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