It has been a few years since I've had the chance to go to a show and with that comment, I have never had the
chance until the other day to see my favourite band, In Flames.

Not only was I lucky enough to go, I had the chance to photograph all bands and as a professional
photographer and musician myself, that was the most amazing experience of my life! Every single band gave me
amazing photos and I want to thank them all for that as well as their wonderful performances.

As the stage was getting set up, the crowd pooled in. The lights dimmed and the first band to walk onto the
stage for the night was Battlecross. Heavy fast moving pace and loads of energy during their performance, they
have definitely gained a few new fans (myself included). What a great band to kick off a metal show, I hope to
hear and see a lot more from them.

After Battlecross' set was done, crew worked to re set the stage for All Shall Perish. As they started their first
song I thought to myself, "Really? Another amazing band? Hell yeah!!!" Very pleased with their presence on
stage, they have a really great sound and everyone in the band plays their role very well.

One more band to play before who I came to see, starting to get a bit ancy to see the band I came for, maybe
these fellas won't be too long up there. As Demon Hunter took the stage, I was once again blown away by their
music. A remember thinking what a wonderful voice, awesome contrast with being very melodic, no rush for this
band to be done!

Alas, the moment of the hour. I am standing in the photo pit center stage and the moment I hear Sounds Of A
Playground Fading riff - Anders walks towards me and takes the mic. Ever try to photograph a show that you
love so much? You can't stand still, you feel the urge to head bang, sing and jump around! The adrenaline
rushed through my entire body as Anders bent down towards me and looked right into my camera for an
amazing photo. Fans sang back as loud as they could, the crowd got tighter as the show went on. They made
the crowd feel very welcome, such as Bjorn consistently smiling back at the crowd and Anders taking a step
further to touch a few hands (including fist bump with me!). They performed songs from many albums which was
a wonderful variety, lots of upbeat tunes to get the crowd moving and throwing their devil horns into the air. At
one point Anders even pulled a fan from the crowd, shook his hand and allowed him to film an entire song on
stage, very cool move, I am sure that made that fan's night way better than he could have ever expected. I love
that In Flames is fond of smaller venues, there wasn't a bad seat in the house and I feel it makes the fans feel
more important to know they don't have to compete with thousands of other fans for a good spot to watch the
show. It was so awesome to hear songs such as "Trigger", "The Quiet Place", "My Sweet Shadow", "Ropes",
"Cloud Connected", "Deliver Us", "System" and ending with a great choice "Take This Life." As the song ended, I
made eye contact with Bjorn and mouthed "THANK YOU" (from the bottom of my heart, I mean that) as I received
a smile and nod back, truly made me feel they love doing what they do and playing live performances for their
fans. Definitely an experience of a lifetime. Would hit the repeat button if possible!

A HUGE thanks to Battlecross, All Shall Perish, Demon Hunter and In Flames for not only putting on a
spectacular show, but for 'posing' for my camera. There is nothing more I'd rather photograph than the world's
best metal bands.
I also want to thank all crew, security and everyone who was involved with making this tour happen, it is so
greatly appreciated by us fans. Wishing the bands all the best on the rest of their tour and everything that
comes their way.

(PS, all bands are welcome to use my images from the show!)

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