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Kill Hannah
The Roxy Theatre
December 17, 2013

Kill Hannah brought Chicago and snow this past Tuesday after a 4 year hiatus from the city of angels.  Fans of
the band flew or drove in from other cities for this special night.  The band played to a full house of die hard fans
wearing the bands merch and singing every word along with the band the entire set.  Starting off the set with a
song called "Survival Tactics" as lead vocalist Mat Devine watched from the door on the side of the stage.  He
then walks out and greets the crowed as the band begins playing "Chase The Dream".  Playing all the favourites
from "Crazy Angel", "Kennedy", "From Now On", "Black Poison Blood" and "Love You To Death" as fans danced
and sang along with the band.  During the song "New Heart For Christmas" the band brought on the snow for LA
with their confetti guns full of white confetti and it all snowed down upon the fans.  And again at the end during
the finale with "Lips Like Morphine" it snowed one last time covering the floor completely.   As the band exited the
stage fans began chanting for one more song so the band came back and closed out the night with a special
encore of "Welcome To Chicago Motherfucker".  The guys quickly exited the stage to cool off before coming back
down from the dressing rooms to meet with their fans who they greatly appreciate and love, posing for photos
and signing merch.  Fans were describing the show as nostalgic, which I certainly have to agree with.  There is
just something very special about these group of guys and what they bring every show.  

The band are busily working on an EP to come out in early 2014 and on the follow up to their album, Wake The

More photos from the show can be found

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Photo by: Maureen
Edited by: MJ