Father's Son
April 27, 2018

Recently on tour with Underoath. Singles "Tangled Hands" and "Father's Son".

Upon my first listen, what stands out is a lead up to wanting more. "Fed" had a
nice build up that ends up drawing you in, preparing you for what's to come. The
transition into "Father's Son" is smooth. Chris Costenza has lots of range and

Between the lyrics, voice and instruments you can feel the struggle that many feel
that have had religious upbringings and the transition out of that lifestyle. The path
to finding yourself after doing what you've been told. These thoughts ring
throughout this album. There is a lot of haunting melodies on this, the album
experiments back and forth, giving it's own unique perspective on the genre. The
production is very clean.

"Tangled Hands" is a stand out track.
"When will I find direction
You've left me empty and afraid
Hollowed out, left a shell
I can't fill your empty space"

Overall I give this album a 7/10. I would recommend if you enjoy this genre of
music. I felt it got better with each listen and would keep it in rotation.

01. Fed
02. Father's Son
03. Abba
04. Black Thumb
05. Twelve Stones
06. Weep
07. Homestead
08. Sacrament
09. Crossed
10. Tangled Hands
11. Blister

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Words by: Julie Popelka