MxPx, Allister and Kristopher Roe
Glasshouse Pomona
February 1, 2014

Upon the announcement of this show I knew this would be nothing short of a good time and neither did the
bands fans.  All three bands had risen to fame in the late 90's/early 2000's and had been staples on the
Warped Tour.  This is the ideal lineup for a good punk rock show and brings back memories of the good old
days for the fans.  The show sold out fairly quickly and I'm pretty sure it was even well over capacity with
hardcore fans of the bands who were eager to see their favourite bands.  Kris Roe, frontman of The Ataris,
was first to grace the stage that night playing a lot of classic Ataris songs acoustically while fans sung along
with him.  Playing songs like fan favourite "In This Diary" along with "IOU One Galaxy", "San Dimas High
School Football Rules" and "Looking Back On Today" which he dedicated to one of his male fans and even
changing the words.  MxPx frontman joined Kris on stage for a few songs including a cover of "Olympia, WA"
by Rancid. Allister were next to take the stage and this was the first time since their 2007 hiatus that the
band has played any shows outside their hometown of Chicago and Japan.  The band exploded into the first
song and a mosh pit began.  Allister played mostly old hits and fan favourites like "Somewhere Down On
Fullerton", "Flypaper" and "Scratch" and a few new tracks that most of their US fans had not heard yet like
"All We Needed" and "5 Years".  It was really great to see Allister playing live again after not playing together
in the states for so long.  A little before 10pm MxPx took the stage to close out the show.  Frontman Mike
Herrera was joined by another band, who's name eludes me at the moment (and couldn't find online) since
guitarist Tom Wisniewski and drummer Yuri Ruley were unable to do the shows. None the less the band still
put on an amazing set rocking through a lot of their hits like "Responsibility", "Secret Weapon" and
"Tomorrow's Another Day".  Mike even did a few acoustic songs like "For Always" and Kris Roe joined the
band on stage for a few songs.  The band finished out their set with a few fan favourites including "Punk
Rawk Show".  Afterwards Mike made it upstairs to meet with his eagerly waiting fans who hand.

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