This morning Placebo made more announcements on their plans for their 20th Anniversary which will
include their debut album's reissue release on July 31, 2015.  They previously had sold out of their
Record Store Day limited edition red vinyl of their debut album and now will be releasing the album on
black heavyweight 180gsm vinyl at the end of July.  Also the band will be releasing a b-side album of all
the b-sides they recorded during that era which will be available on all digital and streaming platforms like
iTunes and Spotify.

The band are also doing reissues of four of their other albums which will include the highly sought after
Without You I'm Nothing. The release dates of each vinyl are below and can be found for pre-order

Placebo - 31st July 2015
Without You I’m Nothing - September 2015
Black Market Music - November 2015
Sleeping With Ghosts - February 2016
MEDS - April 2016

Another announcement the band has made today will be beginning July 31st the band's youtube channel
will begin posting rare archive footage and never before seen interview, live performances, etc.  
Subscribe to the band's YouTube channel
here to see it all as it's released.

Here is the artwork and tracklisting for the B-Side album:

1. Drowning By Numbers
2. Oxygen Thief
3. Dark Globe
4. Hare Krishna
5. Been Smoking Too Long
6. Hug Bubble
7. Teenage Angst (Amsterdam VPRO Session)
8. Flesh Mechanic (Demo)
9. Slackerbitch
10. Bigmouth Strikes Again
11. Hug Bubble (Brad Wood Mix)
12. Nancy Boy (Sex Mix)
13. Eyesight To The Blind
14. Swallow (Designer & U-Sheen Mix)
15. Miss Moneypenny
16. Then The Clouds Will Open For Me
17. Bruise Pristine (One Inch Punch Remix)
18. Waiting For The Son Of Man
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Placebo announce release dates for vinyl reissues and more