Placebo Working On 8th Album & Ink Deal With SORecordings

Nearly 6 years since English rock band Placebo released their seventh studio album, Loud Like Love, bassist Stefan Osldal announced that him and his
writing partner, Brian Molko, were in the studio. It had been a while since Olsdal and singer-guitarist Molko have played together as they took a break after the
20 year anniversary celebrations and Olsdal focused on his side project Digital 21 + Stefan Osldal. Recently the band inked a new album deal with the label
SORecordings and will be releasing the as of yet untitled eighth studio album through them. No word yet on how far along the duo are on the new album or
an expected release date but we will keep you updated.

For more information on Placebo:
Words by: Maureen Benedict
Images from the Official Placebo Instagram.
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