Life Sucks...Let's Dance! Winter Tour
w/ Big D & The Kids Table and Keep Flying
Town Ballroom - Buffalo, NY
March 3, 2020

It had been a while since I had seen Reel Big Fish perform but they put on
amazing and fun set as usual!
The Life Sucks…Let’s Dance! Winter Tour
kicked off on February 26th in Savannah, Georgia before making its way up
the east coast and arriving in Buffalo, New York on a very cold and rainy
Tuesday evening.  The weather did not put a damper on what the bands had
in store for their fans that night and the venue was packed to the brim full of
fans old and new rocking out to their favourite ska bands.

Opening the show was a newer sextet band called
Keep Flying who put on
one hell of a set and were great at getting the crowd all riled up before
Big D
and the Kids Table
and headliners Reel Big Fish were to take the stage. They
had a very energetic set and the audience really enjoyed their performance! A
short bit after the band
Keep Flying finished their set and a quick stage set up
swap out the lights dimmed and "It's Tricky" started playing over the PA
system as
Big D and the Kids Table took the stage. The band opened their
set with "Steady Riot", "Noise Complaint"and "Souped Up Vinyl" from their
Strictly Rude. As the band performed songs like "Shining On", "My
Girlfriend's On Drugs", "Hell On Earth" and an epic cover of
Operation Ivy's
song "Yellin' In My Ear" while the crowd went nuts along with the band! After
putting on an amazing set the band finished up with their single "LAX" before
thanking the crowd and exiting the stage.

Around 10:00pm
Reel Big Fish walked out on stage and started playing The
Forces Of Evil
’s “Ska Show” and follows it with “Trendy” and “I Want Your
Girlfriend To Be My Girlfriend Too”. The band performed their hit singles “Sell
Out” and “She Has A Girlfriend Now” as well as crowd favourites “Everyone
Else Is An Asshole”, “Another F.U. Song” and their cover of A-Ha’s “Take On
Me”. Ending their set with an encore of “Pissed Off”, “Everything Sucks” and
their classic drinking song “Beer”. Brian Robertson, from
Suburban Legends,
joined the band in mid-2019 when trombonist Billy Kottage departed from the
band. Everyone who came out for the show had a great night skanking to their
favourite classic songs and new songs from Reel Big Fish, who never fail to

If you have the chance to see
Reel Big Fish live be sure to check them out as
well as
Big D and the Kids Table and Keep Flying!

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Words and photos by: Maureen Benedict