Burning Stars: Could you start out by telling a little about Reverend Crow and how the band formed?
Nate Barcalow (vocals/guitar): The concept of Reverened Crow was an idea that Matt Rodriguez and I had almost two years ago. We
were in another band together and have always enjoyed each other's musical company, and thought that we should try to put a
different project together. I had some songs that I had written and were still in the demo stages, which we used as a jumping off point.
Matt contacted his buddy Gene Glenn (our current drummer) and we all clicked right away, so here we are ready to share it with the

BS: Right now you have a 5 song EP out. What was your favourite song to write or record and why?
Nate: From the "EP" my favorite song to write was "Liar". That was a song that we all wrote together while jamming in practice, as far as
recording, "Swamp Stomp" was a really fun one. It has that swing that I like and it has a sneaky/sarcastic vibe to it.

BS: Back in December you made a video for "Swamp Stomp" using clips from the anime movie Vampire Hunter. How did the idea come
about for you too create that?
Nate: The video I made for "Swamp Stomp" was just me trying to do something productive with my day. I saw Deftones post a video for
"Tempest" that was compiled of clips from some obscure movie and I thought that the images really worked well with the song, so I got
inspired to try and do the same thing with "Swamp Stomp". I know Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust pretty well so I just started there and
before I knew it we had a pretty cool little video.

BS: Do you have any plans to shoot a video for any of the other songs?
Nate: I don't think we will be "shooting" a video anytime soon, but perhaps in the future when things pick up a bit. Ya never know.

BS: Is anything in the works for a tour?
Nate: We don't have any immediate plans for a tour. For now we are playing where we can and trying to build a fan base.

BS: What are the bands plans for 2013? Any plans for a full length?
Nate: I would like 2013 to be the year of "The Crow", so we are going to do our best to expose the world to our band, make a record,
and melt some faces!

BS: Do you have anything else you would like to add or any final words for your fans?
Come Get Some!
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Reverend Crow interview by: Maureen Benedict