Senses Fail
If There Is Light, It Will Find You
Pure Noise Records
February 18, 2018

Upon first listen, I could tell this was a deeply personal album. The
subject matter in a lot of the songs has to do with loss of life, some
related to a realistic storytelling of potentially losing a loved one during
child birth, miscarriage, and loss of other loved ones (through drug
use). I've listened to this now for months and it still holds true in what I
feel listening to it.

-Double Cross - The opening song. "Where is the passion that you
used to have when music was the only thing that you had?" A great start
to the album and it reminds me of old Senses Fail.

-Elevator to the Gallows - You can really feel the pain in this song and it
is musically one of my favorites on the record. Also a good one live.

- New Jersey Makes, The World Takes - this song instantly has a more
positive sounding tone in comparison to some of the other tracks. It
seems to be about substance abuse. "I've lost so many to the bottle, to
the needle, I cant take another funeral." The sense of overcoming ones
personal demons shines through and offers the message of knowing
you can overcome yours too.

-Gold Jacket, Green Jacket... - to me this song represents being a
millennial. It touches generally on what is happening in the world right
now in America. There is a lot we get blamed for that we had no control
over and it isn't hard to imagine why many of us are as fucked up as we
are. There are a lot of generic difficulties we as a generation face that
are touched upon in this song. Not surprising as Buddy is very
outspoken, but very much welcomed.

-First Breath, Last Breath - this song always makes me cry, it has since
the first listen. Even now I get tears listening to it. The thought of
watching someone you love die, especially when you've struggled in
your life, is painful and when that potential is there during childbirth, it
can be additionally scary. This song touches on what that is like.

-Ancient Gods - the tone of this is always a peaceful one to me. A bit of
content with every listen. There is a sense of acceptance, even in the
bad. "I used to be afraid to walk alone out in the dark. Now I embrace
the loneliness that's in my heart." It's a bit of a bittersweet feeling.

-Is It Gonna Be The Year? - I always related a bit to this song, though
I'm not in a band and don't know that specific feeling. I struggled quite a
bit when this was released and the lyrics in this felt like the struggle I
was dealing with. It's also a very catchy song. "Is it gonna be the year
that kills me or is it gonna be the one that saves me."

-"You Get So Alone At Times It Just Makes Sense" - this is a Charles
Bukowski reference. There are some darker lyrics in this song. It
touches on suicide and drinking but also counters that with the love he
feels now. A parallel of how alone one could feel at one point and the
difference love can have on what you feel inside and become.

-Orlando and a Miscarriage - this song is about a miscarriage. It can be
a bit hard to listen to. "All the love I had for you was never meant to be. I
lost you before you were born." It is a hard thing to experience and I fee
it can be relatable to many. The song is upbeat which clashes with the
darker content, in thought.

-Shaking Hands - it's about love. But so fear of losing that person. It is a
very touching song because loving someone deeply can change your
life but ends with the pain and fear losing them and that feeling.

-Stay What You Are - I love it simply for the reference to Saves the Day -
Stay What You Are (2001). "Stay What You Are will always be our

-If There Is Light, It Will Find You - the closer/title track. You can feel the
fear that Buddy felt in potentially losing his wife and raising his
daughter on his own. This is the conclusion to the thought the album
carried. It is a deep and touching song. It is slower and it helps the tone
and the mood of the album.

Senses Fail hasn't failed me yet. This was a change from the last two
albums ("Pull the Thorns from Your Heart" and "Renacer") which were
much heavier musically, but this felt like older Senses Fail that grew up.
I am always impressed with how much they can change the sound yet
still remain who they are. This album is a welcomed rollercoaster of
emotions with each listen.

Overall, I'd give it a 9/10. It's polished and gives a lot of feelings, both
good and bad. I don't skip a track, even when the lyric content is a bit
much for me to deal with. It is thought provoking and deep.

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Words by: Julie Popelka

01. Double Cross
02. Elevator to the Gallows
03. New Jersey Makes, The World Takes
04. Gold Jacket, Green Jacket...
05. First Breath, Last Breath
06. Ancient Gods
07. Is It Gonna Be The Year?
08. "You Get So Alone At Times It Just Makes Sense"
09. Orlando and a Miscarriage
10. Shaking Hands
11. Stay What You Are
12. If There Is Light, It Will Find You