Story Of The Year
Scream It Like You Mean It Tour
House Of Blues Sunset Strip
October 20, 2013

Ten years ago platinum selling rock band Story Of The Year first started making gigantic waves in
the music scene with their debut album, Page Avenue.  The album had an extraordinary sound
which was full of energy.  It immediately makes you want to sing along and rock out the moment you
put it on.  The newly resurrected Scream It Like You Mean It Tour was back and the band were
asked to headline which worked out perfectly seeing as it was the 10 year anniversary of their
album.  Also along for the ride were other notable acts on the tour included Hawthorne Heights and
Australia's Capture The Crown who played earlier in the night.  Most of the dates on the tour were
sold out or close to.  The band played Page Avenue in it's entirety as well as "Our Time Is Now",
"Take Me Back", "The Antidote" and "Divide And Conquer".  An encore of a medley of songs by
friends they made over the year included "Ocean Avenue (Yellowcard)", "Cute Without The E
(Taking Back Sunday)", "I'm Not Okay (My Chemical Romance)" and "The Taste Of Ink (The Used)"
with a finale of their first hit single "Until The Day I Die".  The entire crowd was singing and moshing
the entire time and it was a really memorable night.  This band still has it and I hope to see them still
touring in another 10 years.