Stacked Like Pancakes
Mohawk Place
Buffalo, NY
April 17, 2018

This was Stacked Like Pancakes (Maryland) first time in Buffalo and I was not
sure what to expect. Their openers were all local bands (Skulking Ghost, 45
Eagle, Toy Box Brigade). What I found was a fun band full of energy. Being their
first time in Buffalo, the crowd was smaller, but they still took control of the
room. I admire their energy.

They played a mix of songs, old and new (as I typed this, their kickstarter to
pre-order their new album is coming to an end). They threw in some covers
(blink-182 - Dammit/All The Small Things). In between a few songs, they
mentioned that they had covered Smash Mouth - All Star, which made the
crowd ask for it. They said no. The lead singer even got into the crowd and
danced around for a song. They ended their set with their song "45" on their set
list, a song about, well, 45. At the end, they gave in and finally played a short
verse of "All Star".

I would recommend Stacked Like Pancakes. They identify themselves as
Brass rock. They are fun, their songs are catchy and they are very engaging with
the crowd.

Set List:
-Money Sucks
-Dammit/All The Small Things
-Suburban Superhero
-Dangerous Beginnings
-It's Too Late

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Words & photos by: Julie Popelka