Simple Plan
Get Your Heart On - The Second Coming
Label: Atlantic Records
Date: December 3, 2013

Simple Plan come again with an EP of tasty treats to tide over fans until their fifth
studio album is complete.

Back in 2011 Montreal rock band Simple Plan released their highly anticipated
fourth studio album, Get Your Heart On.  During the writing process the band
had written around 75 songs, most obviously didn't make the final cut.  As the
band begins writing material for their fifth album the band decided to release an
EP of a few gems that did not make it on to Get Your Heart On but really wanted
fans to hear.  I heard two of the songs ("Fire In My Heart" & "Try") some time
ago and feel it was a great decision to include those songs.  But a couple of the
songs that strongly caught my attention quickly were fast upbeat love song "In"
and the really catchy poppy anthem "The Rest Of Us", not that the rest of the EP
isn't amazing, it's just those I was instantly blown away upon hearing those
tracks.  Then there is a really fun, dancy song called "Outta My System" and a
slowed down, stripped down acousic ballad entitled "Lucky One".  It's the perfect
mix of poppy, punky and rock & roll that old school fans can enjoy as well as
newer fans.  Once again Simple Plan have proved themselves to the world that
they have what it takes and that nothing can stop them.

For more info on Simple Plan:
01. Ordinary Life
02. The Rest Of Us
03. Outta My System
04. Fire In My Heart
05. In
06. Lucky One
07. Try
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