Sum 41 Celebrate 15 Years Of Does This
Look Infected?
The Wiltern Theatre
May 26, 2018

In 2002, Canadian rock band Sum 41 released their sophomore
album, Does This Look Infected?, via Island Records. The album
would spawn the hit singles “Still Waiting”, “The Hell Song” and “Over
My Head (Better Of Dead)” and go on to reach gold status in the United
States.  With the 15-year anniversary of the album approaching fans
had requested the band do a tour to celebrate the album and the band
obliged taking it out on the road in the early part of 2018.  Frontman
Deryck Whibley had begun the writing process for what will become the
band’s 7th studio album in October and were meant to be in the studio
currently and not on the road.

On April 27th the band kicked off their tour at the Warfield in San
Francisco, California for a month long run across the country before
wrapping up the tour at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles, California
on May 26th.  On the finale of the tour the band decided to switch things
up and not play the album in order from beginning to end and make a
setlist like one they would have had during that album cycle.  Fans
gathered in line early in the day, some just waiting for doors to open
and some that got the VIP upgrades to meet the band before the sold
out  show that were to ensue later that night.  At around 9:30pm after
stage crew had finish setting up the white curtain they had hung up
earlier fell exposing the band on the stage. Frontman Deryck Whibley
walks to the front of the stage and said, “well this is gonna be good,
right?” before the band exploded into “The Hell Song” amidst a black
confetti storm. After Dave “Brownsound” Baksh’s guitar solo Deryck
invited several fans on stage to enjoy the show side stage.  Dave had
returned to the band a few years ago after a 9-year hiatus from the
band. About halfway through the set Deryck introduced drummer Frank
Zummo, who is known from his band Street Drum Corps, before the
band leaves the stage. Frank plays a killer drum solo to a Linkin Park
medley in memoriam of their frontman Chester Bennington who
passed away last year. Frank had replaced drummer Steve Jocz
departed from the band in 2013. After the rest of band returned to the
stage they asked where the real heavy metal fans where and did a
medley of different metal bands including Black Sabbath and Metallica.
Next came “Billy Spleen” which began with an intro from Pink Floyd’s
“Another Brick In The Wall which had epic guitar solos by both Dave
Baksh and Tom Thacker.  Tom, the frontman of another awesome
Canadian band called GOB, had replaced Dave when he left the band
in 2006 to persue his other band, Brown Brigade. Originally Tom was
just a touring musician but was later promoted to an official member.
When Dave returned the band in 2015 they decided to remain a 5-piece
and I think they all work perfectly together.  Rounding out the band is
Jason “Cone” McCaslin on the bass guitar and getting the crowd going
throughout the whole set. Before playing the first single off their most
recent album, 13 Voices, Deryck told the crowd that when he was trying
to come up with ideas for the album that he had stumbled upon an old
cassette with the beginnings of what later became Does This Look
Infected? and found one unused idea. An idea that would become a
song 15 years later called “Fake My Own Death”, the only song in the
set they played that came out after 2002. The band closed out their
energetic and impressive set with their debut single “Fat Lip” in another
confetti storm for the finale but not before Deryck had dedicated the
song to their new fans.  When the song ends, the band set their
instruments down and come to the front of the stage throwing picks,
drumsticks and other things into the crowd.  Fans cheered and threw
up their 41 salutes, which is 4 fingers on one hand and your middle
finger up on your other hand as the band took a bow and waved to the
crowd before exiting the stage.  

The first time I saw Sum 41 was during the 2001 Vans Warped Tour
when it stopped at LaSalle Park in Buffalo, New York and was
completely blown away by their live set!  They were definitely a highlight
of the show and still never fail to impress me.

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Words and photos by: Maureen Benedict