Burning Stars: Last time we spoke you were still working on, The Graveyard Of The
Atlantic. Has the album been completed yet and when should fans expect it's
Mike Davenport: The album is still not finished. Kris is having trouble getting proper
inspiration to finish the lyrics. The new plan is for Kris to move back to Santa Barbara after the
tour and work with my Versus The World producer Thom Flowers and finally get the album
done and out.

BS: Currently you are out on the So Long, Astoria Anniversary Tour. How has the tour
been going thus far? Are there any highlights you would like to share?
Mike: The tour has been nothing short of amazing. Probably ten times better than expected,
turn out and response. Every night is a new adventure and highlight. Really the only bummer
is that it cannot go on forever.

BS: This is the first time you have all played together since 2005. What made you
guys want to reunite and do this tour? Do you think you might ever do shows again
together in the future or is this a one time deal?
Mike: Well after 11 years of playing together we needed a break from each other and we
needed to find ourselves as musician and men. After about 5 years apart we started missing
each other and working out the idea of the reunion tour. It's hard having four separate lives to
try to coordinate a couple months we can all commit to each other so really that was the
biggest obstacle. As far as the future this is going so good I don't see this being the only time
this happens but life is complicated you never know so get it while you can.

BS: Versus The World, Drag The River and Authority Zero are opening the shows on
this tour. How did you decide on these bands to join the tour?
Mike: Versus The World is my band for the last 9 years so it was a no brainer when Kris
asked if we would open. Drag and Authority are long time close friends and what we wanted
most from this tour was to hang out and play rock shows with old friends and not bands that
are strangers.

BS: Will there be a live dvd or anything released of this tour?
Mike: I'm not sure yet. We have recorded a lot of the shows audio and visual but I'm not sure
what will come of it.

BS: You are starting to release all of your past albums on vinyl and even have one
for sale on tour, but I haven't seen anything about So Long, Astoria being released
on vinyl as of yet. Do you have any plans to release it on vinyl? If so, when do you
think it will be available?
Mike: It has all been finalized for release by the end of the summer. It was a bit harder to
hammer out a deal with Colombia but it's all done and moving forward now.

BS: Since the band formed in 1995, what has been the most memorable experience
you have had?
Mike: Wow there are a lot of great memories to choose from but really the reunion tour we
are on now is right at the top. It's been truely amazing!

BS: If you could have one super power for a day, what would it be? And would you
use it for good or evil?
MIke: I would love to have the ability to never hear that question again and that is for the
good of the world.

BS: Currently what is playing on your ipod?
Mike: Steve Earle, The Smoking Popes and Taylor Swift

BS: What are your plans after this tour ends?
Mike: Recording the new Versus The World record Homesick, Roadsick. It will be out
beginning of 2015 gonna be awesome!!!

BS: Is there anything else you would like to add or say to your fans?
Mike: Please come out to one of the reunion shows it is a can't miss experience for anyone
who likes The Ataris and check out Versus The World if you have not. Thank you.

For more info on The Ataris:
www.facebook.com/theataris and http://theataris.bandcamp.com
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