The Rocket Summer recently wrapped up the first leg of the tour
for the highly anticipated album Zoetic. The 6th album from the
singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Bryce Avery came out at
the end of February and started things off by hitting the road.
Wrapping things up at the Troubadour in West Hollywood,
California to a sold out crowd and an epic two hour set before
taking a couple weeks off. Opening the show was Nashville band
Farro, ex-Paramore founder and guitarist Josh Farro's new solo
project. Farro started his new band in 2014 after leaving the band
he was in since the early 2000's and heading in a new musical
direction. This was the final show on the tour for Farro but this
couldn't be a more perfect band to be direct support for The
Rocket Summer. Bryce took the stage around 9:30pm with his
touring band and kicked the set off with "So, In This Hour" before
flying into “Cold War” from his new album Zoetic. The band rocked
out “Of Men & Angels”, hit single “Do You Feel”, “Save” and “Circa
‘46” before hitting the new brand single “Same Air”.  As soon as
Bryce started playing “Brat Pack” it turned into a huge sing along
and dance party with the crowd.  The set ended with “So Much
Love” and left the crowd wanting more. The Rocket Summer put
on a brilliant set that was full of energy and perfection.

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The Rocket Summer
Zoetic Tour 2016
Troubadour in Hollywood, CA
April 12, 2016
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