The Used, Red Sun Rising and The
Fever 333
Buffalo Riverworks - May 11, 2018

The Fever 333: I was still in line when they played but I could hear and
see them a bit through the doors because the stage is near the
entrance. I watched the whole time despite issues at the door. I love
their release but they blew me away love. Jason Butler (formerly .letlive)
is quite the act to see. He has a great voice. Even from where I was I
could tell how great they were.

Red Sun Rising: I watched the set inside and will admit that I had not
listened to then prior to the concert. I enjoyed them. They are engaging
and have a ton of live energy. I would check them out again.

The Used: They put on an amazing live show. One thing I love doing is
seeing bands I grew up listening to and seeing their growth over the
years. I was impressed especially because they just recently had
lineup changes but it really didn't show.

They played about 15 songs. They kept consistent energy the whole
time. Though they recently released "The Canyon" (October 27, 2017
through Hopeless Records), they still play a lot of old songs and they
have plenty of older, well-known songs. Some of the old stuff they
played included "Maybe Memories", "I Caught Fire", "Buried Myself
Alive", and even an encore of "A Box Full Of Sharp Objects". One of my
favorites "Cry" was also performed. They played one song off of their
recent release, "Rise Up Lights".

They kept the crowd going the whole time. The audience was singing
along and always engaged. Bert has a lot of stage presence and talks
between songs. I enjoy when bands do this because you can learn a
lot about the band. Overall it was a great set. They have come a long
way. I would recommend them to others, old fans and new.

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Words and photos by: Julie Popelka