Tonight Alive
Hopeless Records/UNFD
January 12, 2018

After spending the last year in the studio Australian rock
band Tonight Alive have returned with their fourth studio
Underworld.  Prior to the release the band was
shaking things up with their singles “Temple” and “Crack My
Heart” in anticipation for the upcoming release. They parted
ways with founding guitarist Whakaio Taahi before filming
the video for the first single “Temple” which was a big shock
to fans. He still helped write and record on the album but
decided he wanted to commit full time to producing and
writing with other bands. The band decided to continue on
as a four piece and are set to tour the United States in
support of the album. Songs that really stuck out to me were
“Temple”, “Disappear (feat Lynn Gunn of Pvris)”, “For You”
and “Last Light”. Corey Taylor from Slipknot also makes a
guest appearance on the closing track “My Underworld”.
Overall, I think this album is some of the bands best work to
date. It’s such an extraordinary album! I highly recommend
picking this up and checking them out on their upcoming co-
headlining tour with Silverstein that kicks off in just a couple
01. Book Of Love
02. Temple
03. Disappear (feat. Lynn Gunn)
04. The Other
05. In My Dreams
06. For You
07. Crack My Heart
08. Just For Now
09. Burning On
10. Waiting For The End
11. Last Light
12. Looking For Heaven
13. My Underworld (feat. Corey Taylor)
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