The Vile Assembly
Viper Room
May 4, 2018

On Friday May 4th, Liverpool band the Vile Assembly made their
first appearance in Los Angeles playing the legendary Viper Room
on the Sunset Strip. The band formed a little over a year ago by
three life-long friends to speak out on political topics like
homelessness and how corrupt governments are. There were about
20 to 30 people in the venue when the band opened their set with
"Gone". Their debut album
Fattened By The Horrors Of War and
their setlist contained songs from the album including “Suicide
Feast”. Earlier in the week the band performed in San Diego and
Riverside opening for Kids On Bridges. The band closed with their
hit song “Division Of Labour” which had the crowd really getting into
it. Later this month they will be joining up with The Damned to open
for them at the Petit Bain in Paris, France.  Fusing old school punk a
la Sex Pistols with some new wave post punk sounds like Joy
Division they bring a whole new sound to the music scene. The Vile
Assembly have been making waves over the last few months after
landing in heavy rotation on Sirius XM channel Faction Punk and are
definitely a band to keep an eye on.

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Words & photos by: Maureen Benedict
More photos from the show can be found: here.
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