We The Kings
July 6, 2018

We The Kings are a band from Bradenton, FL that broke out in 2007
with their sing "Check Yes Juliet". They recently released their 6th
full-length album "Six" on July 6, 2018 via S-Curve/BMG. They have had
many songs chart and have won an MTV VMA award for Most Innovative
Music Video for "Say You Like Me". "Six" has made the 18th spot on the
Current Pop Albums chart and 13th on the Current Alternative Albums
chart. There is a tendency to name their albums revolving around the
letter "s" - from their self-titled to Six. As I write this, they are currently on
the final run of Warped Tour on the Journey's Right Foot stage.

The opening song, "On My Love" is a catchy and sweet song. It is one of
the singles from "Six" and when I first heard the song, it sounded like a
hit single. It has a Death Cab for Cutie meets Owl City vibe. It caught my
attention immediately and stuck in my head.

"The Ocean and the Sun" is the second track and is promising. It
sounds like a summer feel good love song that you'd play with the
windows rolled down, driving to the beach.

"Even If It Kills Me" is the other single and it reminds me of older We
The Kings. It is my stand out track on this album. Guitars, drums, they
all come through on this track and it's got a strong pop punk vibe. The
chorus is super catchy and it constantly gets stuck in my head. I love
how strong Danny Duncan's drumming shines through.

"Mama Knows Best" is more of a dance song but it felt like it was
missing something. "Ride" was a lackluster track. Something about the
music just didn't hit me right.

"Alive" is a great example or a push the limit song. Something they
seem to aim to do a bit more on this album is change up the sounds,
this song successfully does that. Travis Clark's vocal delivery on this
stands out.

"I Won't Settle" is a decent song. Very poppy, sometimes repetitive but
not bad. "Festival Music", no shock there, makes me think of my old
Warped Tour days and festivals in general. Fitting as they are playing
the final Warped Tour days.

One thing that really stood out are the multiple themes of life, death,
marriage and love. "What I Wouldn't Give" stands out on the death topic.
It is a beautiful, well-written piano song about someone that was lost.
The vocals stand out on this.

Overall this album is a great mix of nostalgia and trying new things. A
lot of poppy books while competing and adding in more synth. There is
a lot of uplifting songs if that's what you're looking for. The album does
slack a bit in the middle but it starts and ends well and the songwriting
compensates and picks it up. Give the record a spin for your summer

I give it a 6/10 because there are 2 songs I can easily skip but it was
very enjoyable and the writing is great.

Stand out tracks: "Even If It Kills Me", "Alive", "The Ocean and the Sun"

Skippable tracks: "Ride", "Mama Knows Best"

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Words by: Julie Popelka

01. On My Love
02. The Ocean and the Sun
03. Even If It Kills Me
04. Mama Knows Best
05. Ride
06. Alive
07. I Won't Settle
08. Festival Music
09. Planes, Trains, and Cars
10. Immortal
11. What I Wouldn't Give