Burning Stars: You were all in other bands before forming Action Action, how did the idea come about to start
this band? And how did you all meet?
Clarke Foley (bass/vocals): Action Action kind of just us all being in the right place at the right time....Count The Stars, The
Reunion Show, and Diffuser all seemed to break up at the same time, so we just fell into place....we had all known each other
from touring before.
Adam Manning (guitar/vocals): We basically had all left or disbanded from our other bands but wanted to continue
forward on our musical journey. We met though friends, we all knew each other from the music "scene".

BS: You did an acoustic tour around the time your record Don't Cut Your Fabric To This Years Fashion was
released, any plans on releasing an acoustic cd?
Clarke: Maybe in the future. We basically have many of those shows recorded, we just need to take the time to get them
together. I'd love to release it soon. Just keep pestering us.
Adam: Probably not. The reason we did that was because we didn't have any other shows or tours booked at the time and
needed to get on the road to try and push the new album.

BS: Pick one of the songs on your record and tell us about it.
Clarke: So far we haven't named the songs. But there are some really cool new tunes, a couple more dancy, and couple more
theatrical, and a couple that we can't explain. We're super excited.
Adam: "Drug Like". It is basically a commentary on the social situation(s) of the world today.

BS: What are your plans for the summer & fall, more touring or are you going to start working on your next
Clarke: We are currently working on our next record. We start recording in September. Have CMJ in NYC on September 15
then finishing the record. We're planning a tour right now for November/December also.
Adam: We are going to be playing some one off shows in the northeast but for the most part we will be recording and
demoing songs for our upcoming album which should be out sometime early next year.

BS: "Drug Like" was the song you chose as your first single, how did you decide on which song to release as the
first single?
Clarke: We just liked that song a lot. We thought it was best representation of the sound we were going for. It was also just
our favorite song to play.
Adam: We didn't, our record label did. We agreed because we felt the song best represented our band.

BS: What was the toughest part of recording your cd?
Clarke: Having to get it done in the amount of time we had. If it were up to us, being perfectionists, we would love a whole
year to work on a record but we had strict schedules and a deadline! Such is life!
Adam: Withstanding the harsh New York climate.

BS: Where do you see yourselves going in the next 5 years?
Clarke: We want to going to as many countries to play as possible. I mean, business trips to Japan! Sick!
Adam: Hopefully growing as a band and to continue putting out records that we love.

BS: Do you have any plans of making new & different kinds of merchandise?
Clarke: We're always trying to make cool new Action Action gear. I tried to make Action Action flip flops but I'm still
developing the prototypes.
Adam: Always we hope to have new shirt designs and maybe even different types of merch.

BS: How do you see your music evolving?
Clarke: We're becoming more cohesive as a group. Bouncing ideas off each other. We're starting to learn how to really be a
Adam: I think it will become more technical and more electronical.

BS: What is the bands goal?
Clarke: To get our music out to as many people as possible, to have a great time, and to sound good and put on a good show.
Adam: To succeed and be happy and be innovative.

BS: What is the best rumor you have heard about yourself or the band?
Clarke: Adam is in Dashboard Confessional!
Adam: That the band consists of reincarnated vampires.

BS: If you could tour with anyone dead or alive, who would it be & why?
Clarke: I would tour with Motley Crue. Do I have to explain?
Adam: I would say the Pixies because they are one of my favorite bands and I think live we come off sounding a little like

BS: What was the first cd you ever bought & what was the last cd you bought?
Clarke: Nirvana Unplugged was my first cd. Before that I had all tapes. The last cd I got was Gatsby's American Dream
Volcano. Get it, it rules!
Adam: First Cd I ever bought was Nirvana Nevermind the last cd was probably our own when it first came out I like stealing
music more than buying it.

BS: Do you have any funny or embarrassing tour stories you would like to share?
Clarke: Once I peed my pants on a plane to California.
Adam: One time before a show I really had to use the restroom and couldn't find one. I decided to go in a cup behind the
stage but I didn't realize that the whole first row of the audience had a clear view of my business.

BS: If you were invisible for a day, where would you go & what would you do?
Clarke: Well the typical answer is girls locker room but I'd have to go to a slush puppie warehouse and steal a machine for
my room.
Adam: First a bank, then to a women's locker room. Sorry had to go there.

BS: What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
Clarke: Joined Action Action.
Adam: Eaten a whole box of crayons...for fun.

BS: Do you have any questions for me?
Clarke: When are we going to do Jack Daniels shots?
Adam: Why 17 questions do you think anyone is still paying attention?
Action Action interview by: Maureen Benedict
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