Burning Stars (previously know as Punk Rawker Magazine) was started by myself, Maureen, on
June 22, 2001 because I felt that many bands were not getting the recognition they deserved from
the media.  Burning Stars covers:  punk, metal, ska, emo, hardcore, rock, pop and everything in

Everyone at Burning Stars are working very hard on bringing you the best magazine possible.  
We will try to bring you up to date on news, interviews and photos of your favourite bands, giving
you our opinions on new cds being released etc.

                                  Sincerely, Maureen                                                           
We just want to say thank you to everyone who has worked with us, helped us and supported us throughout the
years. You know who you are!  This is a labor of love and we couldn't do it without you!

Peace and love.
If you are interested in sending us a press kit or would like to
be featureed on the website please contact us at:

      inquiries [at] burningstars [dot] net
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