January 28 & 30, 2018
w/ Sharptooth, The White Noise and Stray From The Path

After kicking off their highly anticipated Silence=Violence Tour, Pittsburgh punk
rockers Anti-Flag made their way to the west coast and sold out West Hollywood’
s infamous Troubadour.  Earlier in the day fans lined up down the block patiently
waiting for doors to open so they could get into the venue to get a good spot
for their favourite band.  On this tour the band brought out some awesome
bands such as Baltimore’s female fronted band Sharptooth, LA native band The
White Noise and Long Island hardcore band Stray From The Path.  I had not
heard of these bands prior to the tour but Sharptooth blew me away with their
live performance! This was their first time playing the west coast and the crowd
really seemed to dig them. Definitely a band to keep an eye on. Vocalist Lauren
Kashan has an amazing voice and can scream into her mic better than most
guys. I don’t think I’ve seen a girl sing/scream like she does since Kittie’s Morgan
Lander hit the scene in the early 2000’s. Anti-Flag took the stage later in the
evening kicking off their set with “When The Wall Falls” off their latest release,
American Fall and “The Press Corpse” off their 2006 album, For Blood And
Empire. The band played songs from American Spring and American Fall like
“American Attraction”, “Racists” and “Brandenburg Gate” as well as fan
favourites “Fuck Police Brutality”, “Turncoat”, “1 Trillion Dollar$” and “Drink Drank
Punk”. You could really tell that both the band and the fans had a great time.  
Wrapping up the set with “Power To The Peaceful” was a brilliant way to end
the set.

Since the show at the Troubadour was amazing and the San Diego show got
canceled the band scheduled a last-minute secret show at The Locker Room in
Garden Grove in its place. This wasn't your typical gig as it was the band playing
to an almost sold out crowd of hardcore fans in a tiny room. It was more like an
old school punk rock show at a house party and taking pretty much nothing but
requests from the crowd. Some of the requests like "Spaz's House Destruction
Party" and "She's My Little Go Go Dancer" are songs that the band rarely play in
recent years. Justin picked one of my favourites "That's Youth", which was the
first Anti-Flag song I ever heard back in 2001 (thanks to the other Burning Stars
co-founder Sarah). He joked after saying "not bad for a Bouncing Souls cover".
Bouncing Souls had covered it for the BYO split they had put out together in
2002. The overall vibe was amazing and the band and crowd seemed to have an
incredible night. It would be awesome to see them do another show like this in
the future because it was such a fun time.

Anti-Flag Sell Out The Troubadour & Play Secret Show in Garden Grove
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