Burning Stars: Name and position in the band?
Greg Stong (bass): I'm Greg, I play bass.
Dango (drums): I'm Dango, I play drums and we're in Amber Pacific.

BS: Give us the history of Amber Pacific.
Greg: It was just a bunch of friends playing music in high school and then somehow a label wanted to sign us. We decided just
to go for it and that's where it's gone since then and we've just been touring ever since we got signed.

BS: Where did the name Amber Pacific come from?
Greg: We had an old name, Follow Through, and we were threatened to be sued because someone owned the rights to it so I
made a list of like fifty names and the word Amber and the word Pacific were in it. Our guitarist Will said he liked those words
put together and that is how we got it.

BS: What has it been like being a part of the Take Action tour?
Dango: The Take Action tour has been really cool. We've gotten to play in a lot of cities and we've already been here but to play
on a bigger tour in front of kids we don't know is just really cool. To be promoting a good cause like the anti-suicide promotion
this whole tour is doing is also really cool because we feel like we're able to impact kids lives and be able to talk to them about it,
just make a different as opposed to just playing a show.

BS: Who are your influences personally and/or musically.
Greg: Musically for me, I would say my influences are Saves The Day, Rancid, Less Than Jake, New Found Glory, and countless
Dango: For me, I would say, MxPx, NOFX, Goldfinger, and Strung Out. I also listen to a lot of worship music and a lot of
Christian Pop music.

BS: What would you be doing now if you were not involved with the band?
Greg: I'd be in college doing I don't know what.
Dango: I graduated from college with a music degree so I would still be playing probably another style of music, playing for a
country or pop or Christian artist or something like that.

BS: What song do you enjoy playing live the most?
Greg: My favorite right now is probably For What It's Worth or Save Me From Me.
Dango: Mine would be probably track one Everything We Were Has Become What We Are or track 12 Can't Hold Back.

BS: Which band have you enjoyed touring with the most so far?
Greg: That's a tough question. Pretty much all of them.
Dango: I would say Silverstein was really cool. On the first half of this tour we got to know those guys pretty well. We're sharing
a bus with The Early November so they've been really cool guys also. However, Man Alive is a band that was a part of this tour
that we didn't know before this, they're awesome guys, great band.

BS: Tell us a bit about the making of The Possibility and The Promise.
Greg: This was our first full length we recorded. It was a great experience. It took about month and a half in Seattle, we recorded
it and it was just a good time. The producer was an awesome guy, a lot of fun.
Dango: We really felt like this record was something we were proud of, all the songs on it, they really represented us. We didn't
feel like we had to put songs on it that weren't the best. We were really confident about the whole thing. We were happy with
how it sounded and how the recording turned out and the production quality on it. We were really excited to get it done and get
it out to kids to hear.

BS: What is the best and worst thing about touring?
Greg: The best thing about touring is all the fun times you have, the random trouble you get into, the things you do when you're
bored to make yourself not bored. The worst part is being gone for a month to three months at a time, not being able to be at
home, to see all your friends and family all the time.
Dango: I really love touring and getting to know other bands and new people. To be in a new city everyday and meet new
people, to meet new fans and have a chance to talk to them and encourage them or just be positive. That's what I love about it.
The road is a little hard and you get tired of it sometimes. This is an amazing tour to be on. We're really blessed but we haven't
been home in almost three months so we're all really tired and ready to get a little break.

BS: What is your dream tour to play?
Greg: I'd love to play with New Found Glory. I don't know, that's probably my number one tour just because I love those guys.
Dango: A lot of bands would be really cool. Hawthorne Heights and New Found Glory. Green Day would obviously be an
amazing tour. If Blink 182 ever did a reunion, those are all big influences.

BS: What is the best advice you've ever received?
Greg: Don't eat yellow snow.
Dango: Best advice, overall? Anything? I would say for me, probably to live my life to honor God and that everything else is
going to work out.

BS: What feeling do you want people to leave an Amber Pacific show with?
Greg: I just want them to leave and be like "Wow, that was so much fun. That was amazing. I had a great time." The way I felt
after leaving my favorite bands show.
Dango: I would love kids to leave thinking "Wow, these guys look like they're having fun. I had fun watching them. They really
are enjoyable. I got to be at their show and meet them and that was cool. I can respect those guys, whether I like them or not."

BS: What are the future plans for Amber Pacific?
Greg: Right now our plans are to go home and write a little bit. Then we're going to do the first half of Warped Tour, then we'll
go home and write a little more. Then we'll hopefully do our own headlining tour for about two months, we'll go around the US.
Go home, write a little more, then do a fall tour, then record.
Dango: Yeah, Greg pretty much covered it.

BS: Any last words?
Greg: Thanks for the interview.
Dango: We encourage kids to go check out our record The Possibility and the Promise, if they never heart it, it's in stores
everywhere and come to a show and give us a chance even if you don't necessarily like pop punk, you might like our show
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Amber Pacific interview by: Julie Magyar