Good Charlotte Still Making Time For Fans

You would think after the huge success these guys have had they wouldn't have time for their fans.
Think again! They still love to hang out wiht their fans. I had the chance to see them twice this
year. After opening up for MxPx, doing the Warped Tour and then headlining their own tour, Uniting
The States Tour, they still are the same, fun loving, down to earth guys they have always been. And
that really shows alot about them! Without Good Charlotte we wouldn't have started our
website/magazine. Thanks Benji, Joel, Paul and Billy.

Most Anticipated CD Silverchair's Diorama

Yes, Silverchair us back! Although their new album Diorama will not be released until late
spring/early summer of 2002. Vocalist/guitarist Daniel Johns says fans of the past albums may not
like this one as much and people who didn't like them before will. Johns tells Chairpage "It's a lot
more ambitious! Bigger risks are being taken." We will keep you posted on new information about
the new album. It has been recently announced that Silverchair will be playing Big Day Out in
Australia and New Zealand in early 2002.

Brian Deneke

December 5th, 1997, a group of punks were sitting at the IHOP in Amarillo, Texas. None of
them knew what would happen to them seven days later. On December 12, 1997, the punks were
again hanging out at the IHOP when some preps came to fight them. Someone had called Dustin
Camp to come defend a friend who was getting "jumped", so he sped to the IHOP. When he got
there he saw Brian Deneke in the parking lot. He floored the gas. When Brian started running,
Dustin chased him. Eventually, Dustin hit Brian with his full-sized Cadillac. Brian died that night. He
was 19 years old. The problem with this is, Brian hadn't been hurting anyone. Dustin chased and
killed him because he was a punk. His sentance? PROBATION. We at Burning Stars want to help
ensure the fact that stupid shit like this doesn't happen again. For more information on this please

Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
Warner Brothers Records

Great CD to listen to, it's packed full of awesome songs. From the opening track "Papercut"
to the closing track "Pushing Me Away", the energy never stops. There are some great songs like
"Runaway", "Points Of Authority", "Forgotten", among others. Check these guys out because this is
one band not to miss out on.

Sum 41 - All Killer, No Filler
Island Records

If you like rock with a bit of punk, metal and rap mixed in, this is the band for you. These
crazy boys really know how to rock! If you haven't picked up this CD already, you should. It's jam
packed with great songs like "Nothing On My Back", "Summer", "Rythems" and "Heart Attack".

Weezer -  Weezer (green album)
Geffen Records

Almost four years since the release of the bands sophomore album Pinkerton they are back
with another self-titled album. Even though this album is under thirty minutes long it is still one of
the best to be released in 2001. It has some awesome songs like "Glorious Day", "Simple Pages"
and "Photograph".

The Donnas - Turn 21
Lookout! Records

The Donnas are back for more with their newest release Turn 21. It's full of great party
songs like "40 Boys In 40 Nights" and humorous songs like "Police Blitz". These girls really
like to party and they want you to join the fun.

The Zone 94.1's X-Mas Fest
Waterstreet Music Hall
December 8, 2001

This was the first time that rockers Lit had played Rochester in a few years. But non the
less we were glad to have them back. They played old favorites from A Place In The Sun like "My
Own Worst Enemy", "Zip-Lock" and "Miserable" along with new songs from their new album Atomic
like "Lipstick And Bruises" and "Addicted". A. Jay dedicated the song "Miserable" to his bottle of
Jagermeister and Jeremy did a really long but amazing guitar solo while the others took a break.
Then A. Jay came out to sing a song that him and Jeremy wrote about the 9/11 attacks. If you like
just straight up rock you should check these guys out. You will not be disappointed.

Good Charlotte
Uniting The States Tour
with Mest & The Movielife
Showplace Theatre
October 30, 2001

This was the first headlining tour for the pop-punk band Good Charlotte. Many of the
dates had sold out including this one. For this tour they brought along their friends Mest and The
Movielife. Before the doors had opened members of the bands could be spotted walking around
outside the venue meeting with fans and signing autographs. Doors finally opened and Mest was
the first to take the stage. They played their popular songs of their sophomore album Wasting Time
like "What's The Dillio?", "Wasting Time", "Hotel Room" and a song dedicated to Greyhound Buses
called "Fuck The Greyhound Bus". They also -played songs off their soon to be released album
Destination Unknown like "Cadillac" and "Fuct Up Kid". Frontman Tony Lovato attempted to reenact
one of the many times he had been arrested by having someone dress up as a cop. They made it
look like he was getting arrested then Tony breaks free and pretended to beat up the fake cop.
Later in the set Tony was yelling things like "Fuck Osama and fuck his wife". The crowd went nuts
as Good Charlotte took the stage. They played everything off their self-titled debut and songs off
their upcoming sophomore album The Young And The Hopeless. The new songs "Another Loser
Anthem" and "Story Of My Life" seemed to get a pretty good reaction from the crowd. Guitarist Benji
Madden and his twin brother, frontman Joel Madden did some songs acousticly while the rest of the
band took a short break. After that the rest of Good Charlotte and members of Mest and The
Movielife came back out on the stage. They did the new song "The Innocent" which was about the
victims from the 9/11 attacks. Good Charlotte finished their set and they totally blew the crowd
away. All the bands on this tour played completely amazing sets.

Van's Warped Tour
LaSalle Park
August 8, 2001

Warped Tour has to be the highlight of the summer for everyone. What more could punk
rock fans ask for? You have every from old favorites like Rancid and The Vandals to new comers
Sum 41 and Alien Ant Farm. All the bands on the tour did an excellent job and all the concert goers
seemed to have a good time. Rancid played old favorites such as "Roots Radicals", "Ruby Soho" and
"Time Bomb". They got the crowd to do a circle pit during "Roots Radicals" and even pointed out
how they made it so far without the help of a big record label. Lars held up his middle fingers and

Good Charlotte
with MxPx & Ultimate Fakebook
May 19, 2001

This show was really great and the bands really seemed to interact with the fans a lot.
Good Charlotte put on an excellent set and really got the crowd going. People really seemed to
enjoy them and their music. This band can get a crowd to go wild in the pit. After their set they
came out to meet with all the fans and sign autographs. MxPx was next and they really put on an
amazing set. The kids went wild for them and were dancing and moshing. A lot of the Good
Charlotte fans seemed to enjoy this band even if they had never heard of them prior to this show.
Two bands everyone should check out if they stop in your town any time soon.

Day Off Fest
Blue Cross Arena
July 25, 2001

I got into Blue Cross Arena about half an hour early. I was kind of pissed because
Mudvayne had canceled their part of the day's events and I was ind of anticipating a good show
from them. I stood there with some friends until the room went dark and the screaming ensued.
Disturbed started the riot with lead man David Draiman rocking the stage from a cage. They played
their hits like "The Game", "Down With The Sickness" and "Stupify" as well as some other songs like
"Dropping Plates". Then was Linkin Park. I sat up in the seats with my friend Rob until they started
"With You" at which point I decided to go get in the pit. Linkin Park is a really good live band. The
combined energy between Mike and Chester is amazing. Papa Roach followed Linkin Park.
Unfortunitely, Papa Roach is a really bad band to see live so Maureen and I went to try and do an
interview. To our not so surprise, the
security guards were being assholes and wouldn't let us interview Slipknot or Linkin Park. Anyways I
heard Coby Dick whipped out his johnson at some point. Slipknot wrapped up the show! Oh my god,
that was an awesome show! Slipknot totally kicked the crap out of the crowd with a brutal mix of
songs from their self-titled album and the new Iowa EP. Huge 666 signs lit up the stage during
Slipknot's rendition of the Black Sabbath classic "Heretic". Corey gave the crowd and tech crew a lot
of shit between songs and he totally cracked me up. I can't wait to see Slipknot again. Well that
was the Day Off Fest. I definitely recommend seeing Slipknot, Disturbed and Linkin Park.

Fenix TX - "Threesome"

This is a great song and video. It makes you want to get up and dance. Benji (Good
Charlotte) makes an appearance. If you have not seen this video yet definately be on the
look out for it on MTV2's The Rock Show.

Good Charlotte - "Festival Song"

This video is full of energy and fun. Filmed at the WHFS Festival in Washington, DC.
Mest, New Found Glory, Linkin Park and Steve Doll have cameos in this video. Definitely
check this out on MTV2's The Rock Show too.

Sum 41 -  "In Too Deep"
Directed by: Marc Klasfeld

This is a great video to watch. The band had members of their street team, The Bomb
Squad in the video. It's great to see them giving something cool to their biggest fans. Definately
worth watching if you haven't already seen it yet. Catch it in the top 5 on MTV's Total Request Live.

Mest - "Cadillac"

This is a really fun video to watch. These guys really know how to party and have fun.
Two thumbs up for "Cadillac". Check it out on MTV2. This one will really make you want to jump
around in your living careful not to knock anything over though.

Linkin Park - "In The End"
Directed by: Nathan "Karma" Cox & Joe Hahn

This video has some awesome video animation from plants growing to the flying whale.
They premiered this video on Toral Request Live on September 8th. Keep an eye out for this one on
MTV, MTV2 and MTV X.
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