Silverchair Cancel US Tour

Silverchair have recently cancelled all of their upcoming US tour dates due to frontman Daniel
Johns' suffering from arthritis shock and being unable to perform. It could take anywhere from
three months to three years for him to recover. In other Silverchair news, the new album
Diorama will be released in the states on August 27, 2002. The band recently shot a video for
their second single off the album for a song called "Without You".

                                       Good Charlotte's New Video

Good Charlotte have recently shot the video for their first single off the long awaited The
Young And The Hopeless called "Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous". The video is scheduled
to be on tv sometime in September. Till then catch themm on this years Van's Warped Tour.

                                       Dustin Camp Denied Parole

In case you don't know who Brian Deneke is, he was a punk that was brutally murdered by
football jock Dustin Camp for being different. Dustin was only slapped with probation and a
fine (which he never ended up paying). Later he violated his probation and was put in jail. He
was recently denied parole until 2005. Hopefully he will be denied again.

Daniel Johns On The Road To Recovery/Silverchair Wins 6 ARIA Awards

Daniel Johns is almost fully recovered from his battle with reactive arthritis. Silverchair
performed their single "The Greatest View" at the ARIA Awards in Sydney, Australia. They won
6 awards that night. In March and April 2003, the band will do a six date tour in Australia and
will hopefully make their way over to the states after that. Silverchair is set to release a
limited edition box set titled The Diorama Box. It will have the Australian singles "The
Greatest View", "Without You", "Luv Your Life" and the previously unreleased "After All These
Years". It will also include remixes and interviews with the band.

                                        Simple Plan
                       No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls
                          Lava Records/Atlantic Records

Simple Plan's debut album is a must buy if you are a fan of Good Charlotte, New Found Glory
or Blink 182. Their pop punk combination makes them the next big thing to hit the
mainstream punk scene. The album itself combines all the elements that make any record a
good one. Their catchy songs will have you singing along the whole time. Not to mention their
great instramentals. These guys surely known their craft and are not sketchy with their talent.
With their first single "I'm Just A Kid", they are becoming a well known band among most
music fans. The album itself is twelve songs packed with energy and meaning. They take you
through a bunch of different emotions from being happy to wanting to cry. Each song seems
to cover a different subject that most people deal with when they are young. From love to
heartbreak to absolute happiness to sadness, which definately helps to make this a great
album. "Perfect" is a great example of a song that could possibley make you feel like you
want to cry. Everyone can relate to this song in some way or another. Everyone has felt like
they have not done enough to make their parents proud. This song shows a boy explaining to
his dad that he can't be perfect and does everything he thinks is right or wants him to do.
This album is great and is definately on my top ten list. So if you like fun loving bands, that
can be serious when they need to, the you'll love Simple Plan's debut album. I recommend
you pick up a copy now, if you don't already own one. And if this is Simple Plan's debut album
I can't wait to see what they have in store for the next to come. I have a feeling that this
band has just started to shine and wont be stepping out of the limelight anytime soon.

                                       The Distillers
                                Sing Sing Death House
                                         Hellcat Records

If you are a fan of Rancid or Pennywise I suggest checking out The Distillers fronted by Tim
Armstrong's (Rancid) Australian wife Brody. She rocks harder than any other chick in the music
industry, possibley harder than most of the guys. Their sophomore release is packed with
killer songs from the opener "Sick Of It All" to the closing song "Lordy, Lordy". "Sick Of It All"
is about how punk rock saved their lives while "The Young Crazed Peeling" discusses the
childhood of Brody. The third song "Seneca Falls" is about Susan B. Anthony and how she
fought for women's rights. This is one band that you don't want to miss out on. Brody's voice
is so distinguishable compared to many female singers today. With music so in your face that
it will leave you begging you for more!

                                 Artemis Records

Like just plain straight up metal? If so then this album is for you! Kittie's sophomore effort
has proven they are more than just a "chick band", with it's crunching basslines and pounding
guitar riffs. Frontwoman Morgan Lander fills in on both guitars on this album due to the
departure of guitarist Fallon Bowman last summer. When the first single "What I Always
Wanted" was released to radiostations last fall, fans were more than eager to hear what else
they had in store when the album came out. Kittie covered Pink Floyd classic "Run Like Hell",
a song they played a lot on previous tours. So all you metal fans should pick up a copy of this
album because you will definately love it!

                          Destination Unknown
                               Maverick Records

If you haven't heard of these guys before you don't know what you are missing out on! They
know how to rock and piss you off at the same time. They tell you how it is and if you don't
like it too bad! They pour their hearts and souls into songs like "Chelsea" and "Mother's
Prayer". Frontman Tony Lovato even wrote a song about his favorite type of car, the cadillac.
On the songs "Misunderstood" and "Yesterday" guitarist Jeremiah Rangel steps up to the mic
to take on lead vocals. So if all of you want to hear any good ska/punk bands check out Mest!

                            Through The Eyes
                              Universal Records

Having toured with bands like Kittie and My Ruin, Flaw has been getting very popular really
fast. With their emotional lyrics and hardcore sound, they stand out from today's top metal
bands. Through The Eyes discusses everything from from depression to the suicide of singer
Chris Volz's mother. Their current video "Whole" seems to be getting really positive feedback
from MTV viewers. Be sure to catch the band as they are currently on this years Ozzfest.

                                        Good Charlotte
                            The Young And The Hopeless
                                         Daylight Records

It has been over two years since Good Charlotte released their self-titled debut and now they
are back with their sophomore release, The Young And The Hopeless. Their first single "The
Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous" has recieved a great response from listeners because of
it's catchy heart-felt lyrics and enduring instramentals. This album has shown how much they
have grown and matured musically over the past two years. The song "Wondering" was
inspired by Benji Madden's dog Cashdogg and the guys even wrote a song for their fans called
"Hold On". The album shot up the charts to #7 when it was released back in October. If you
liked their debut album you'll definately love this. Congratulations to these guys, their album
was recently certified platinum at

                                        Avril Lavigne
                                               Let Go
                                         Arista Records

The young, talented Miss Avril Lavigne first hit the airwaves back in the spring with her first
single "Complicated" off her now three times platinum debut,
Let Go. The fast upbeat second
single "Sk8er Boi" about a guy getting rejected by his crush because her friends didn't like him
has gained Avril new listeners due to it's catchy lyrics and slamming guitars. Her newest
single "I'm With You" is more mellowed out but still has very powerful lyrics. Other songs on
the album like "Mobile", "Anthing But Ordinary" and "Things I'll Never Say" have very catchy
choruses and melodies. In 2002, Let Go sold more than 3.9 million copies and landed her at
#2 on the Billboard charts. Miss Lavigne will be heading out on a huge headling tour within
the next month or so.

                                        New Found Glory
                                          Sticks And Stones
                                               MCA Records

New Found Glory's third album Sticks And Stones is 60 minutes of energy filled high-octane
songs. Then again, coul we expect anything less of New Found Glory? The boys hit it strong
when the first single off the album "My Friends Over You" got major radio and video play.
Make it one of the theme songs of the summer of 2002. This CD contains 12 tracks that will
have you singing along and jumping around your room through the whole CD. Not only does
this CD have tons of energy included in the package, it also features songs with deep
meaning. Such as the song "Sonny" which is about losing a loved one. It also includes songs
of heartache, such as the track "Forget My Name". Which shows these five goofballs from
Florida have more under their belt than just their pranks and humor. The album is a big jump
from the bands 1999 releae self-titled album. With the second single off the album titled
"Head On Collision"{ about to hit radio and MTV airwaves, I am sure that this album will have
some more growing success. The band has proved themselves as artists who are here to stay.
They have a strong future in store for them if they keep going at the pace which they are at
now. But the world we have to wait and see what they have in store and just enjoy this
album until the next comes out. Though if you can't wait that long, you can catch the band
out on tour in a few weeks with Something Corporate, Finch and Further Seems Forever. That
tour is guaranteed as a must see and it should be nothing but great artists and music thrown
into one ultimate show.

                                       Something Corporate
                                  Leaving Through The Window
                                           Drive-Thru Records

Something Corporate's debut album Leaving Through The Window show how much talent
these five guys from Southern California really have. The tantalizing lyrics and genious
instramentals are on reason why these guys are becoming a household name. The melodic
sound to their music is from the piano that was added into the mix and it is no wonder they
are becoming such a big success. The CD contains 14 tracks of pure raw emotion and talent,
showing that these guys aren't just here, but they are here to stay. With catchy songs like
"Punk Rock Princess" and "If U C Jordan", it is no wonder why these guys pick up fans
whenever they perform. With their second single "I Woke Up In A Car" being hit on some
radio stations, we know these guys are in it for the long run. The guys of Something
Corporate made a big impression by playing this year's Warped Tour. Not only did they gain a
lot of fans but turned plenty of people on to their new style of rock. I have a feeling these
guys are going to be around for awhile and be gaining more and more success as they go
along. The album is a combination of pure heart and soul such as songs like "You're Gone"
and "Not What It Seems" that reflect on lost loves and broken families. Their unique sound is
what makes them stand out the most and the album is a must buy if you love great artists
who write incredible music. All I have to say is I can't wait to see what they have in store for
the world in the future. This album ranks etremely high on my top ten list of favorite CDs of
the year. If you love their CD and are thirsty for more, make sure to catch them out on tour
this fall with New Found Glory and Finch. That tour is sure to be packed with non-stop great

                             Run Like Hell Tour
                           with My Ruin & Flaw
                            Showplace Theatre
                               April 10, 2002

Kittie's first headlining tour seemed to go very well for them. They brought along new comers
Flaw and indie metal band My Ruin. Even though the Showplace is very small, I think it was
the perfect place for this particular show. My Ruin were the first to take the stage, they
immediately went into "Blasphemous Girl". They played a good eight song set before they
brought a cake out and sang "Happy Birthday" to Meghan. Next to take the stage was Flaw
and they really got the crowd going with the opening song "Reliance". They played their radio
hits "Payback" and the newly released "Whole", plus several others from their debut album
Through The Eyes. Finally Kittie took the stage and jumped right into "No Name". They played
old favourites like "Brackish", "Charlotte", "Spit" and "Suck" as well as songs from their new
album Oracle. "What I Always Wanted", "Mouthful Of Poison" and their cover of Pink Floyd's
"Run Like Hell" seemed to be the favorites off the new album. They ended their set with
"Pain" and "Brackish" then headed outside to sign autographs. They took the time to hang
with the fans outside the building for autographs and pictures before heading upstairs to
celebrate Meghan's birthday. While Kittie was outside My Ruin was handing out at their merch
booth doing autographs and selling stuff. They gave free shirts to whoever bought something
from them. Then we all headed upstairs for Meghan's birthday. The bands on this tour did an
amazing job and they are all definately worth checking out.

                                        Sum 41
                              Sum Like It Loud Tour
                            with Autopilot Off & H20
                     Rochester Institute Of Technology
                                     April 6, 2002

Before heading back into the studio to record their third album, Sum 41 decided to do another
tour. They brought out some friends of theirs, H20 and label mates Autopilot Off. The guys in
Autopilot Off had just released an EP this month and H20 have also released a new album
called Go. I had the chance to watch Autopilot Off's soundcheck before the show and they
were excellent! At about 6:00pm the doors opened and in poured the fans. Autopilot Off were
the first to take the stage at about 7:00pm. They got the crowd going with their Green Day
meets Sum 41 sound. They did a great 7-8 song set playing songs off the new EP like "Long
Way To Fall". There was a twenty minute block after Autopilot Off before H20 took the stage
and played a lot of songs off their new album including "Role Model". Up next was Sum 41
who totally blew away the crowd with their killer guitar solos. They played most of the songs
off All Killer, No Filler and a few favorites off their debut album Half Hour Of Power. Drummer
Steve Jocz came out from behind his drum kit to do lead vocals on "What We're All About"
(which they recently shot a video for) and "Pain For Pleasure" in which frontman Deryck
Whibley played drums on. The show was great! Good job to all three bands!

                                        HFStival 2002
                                                         RFK Stadium
                                        May 25 & 26, 2002

So we took the smelly Greyhound bus for 12 hours down to Washington, DC from Rochester,
NY, just to support Good Charlotte. Well there was a lot more good bands than that too. The
whole day was hot, crowded and exhaustingly fun. I've never been that close to hundreds of
strangers. Ewwy. The first band that actually woke up and crawled out of bed to see was SEV.
They were a local celebrity in DC, a decent fan base showed up. Their sound was a metal/rock
sound with a little rapping involved in some songs. They knew how to get the pit started,
that's for sure. Next up was Quarashi, a widely known band from Europe. They came with a lot
of energy and definately pumped the crowd up. Of course they played their hit song "Stick 'Em
Up" last and it was a sweet ending. N.E.R.D. played one hell of a set. I'm not a huge fan of
this band but I was definately impressed. They had a rock/rap/pop sound, which they pulled
off quite well. N.E.R.D. was the oddball band that day and they left a good impression on
everyone, they have a lot of musical skill. One of my personal favorites, Our Lady Peace was
up next. Considering they didn't a long set they put in a lot of songs and effort for a half
hour. The set consisted of a lot of older songs, hits and current single. Luckily they played the
next day, which I unfortunately missed. Being one of the few Canadian bands there they
made a good statement for a foreign band. I was psyched to see this band, they didn't let me
down. On one of the side stages later that afternoon was New Found Glory. The crowd was
packed, mostly teenieboppers but no one can hear their squeaky voices anyways. They played
a longer set than the bands that played the main stage. I was impressed by the energy they
showed through out the whole set, but then again it's New Found Glory, it's expected. The
whole band in general was very active and uplifting. The crowd wasn't still for a second. All
the songs were played to the fullest and the new single "My Friends Over You" kicked
everyone's ass. It was cool of the band to meet fans after the show that waited on the side
of the stage. On the main stage we caught the end of Hoobastank's set. Even though we only
saw the last five minutes the crowd was definately pleased with the show. The only song I
heard was "Running Away", the song was awesome and it wasn't the worst sight to see half
the band playing without shirts on. Eminem was on second to last that night. After the thirty
minute wait of police, security and medics, pulling trampled people from the crowd that
wouldn't move he finally started. It only took that long for that crowd to space outt after
probably a hundred threats of not playing. His exact words were "If you don't back the fuck
up, they're not going to let me play". After one girl was sent to the hospital practicly dead
and another 24 injured to accompany her, he finally started. It was a pretty short set with a
few cameos from D-12. The next day was a bad day (at least for me). The first set we saw
Sunday was the end of Dashboard Confessional. I would have hoped to see the whole set but
lunch called. There set was pretty good from what I saw. The crowd loved it, it was a good
band to go on before Good Charlotte. Going from emo to punk was a good set up. Kelly
Osbourne introduced Good Charlotte and everyone went psycho. The crowd was wild and no
one could breathe but they tore up stage up. It was all mainstream songs, which everyone
could sing along to. The drummer is still unidentified, but he had great skills. Their home
coming concert was amazing, between their set, the crowds quite agressive possitive endery
made it one of the best sets the whole weekend. Not everyone could take the suffocation in
the pit, but it was worth it. Even worth the trip to the hospital. The cool part is they played a
song off the new CD, the name of it I honestly can't remember. I heard the rest of the show
was great, but unfortunately I missed it. Other bands there were Papa Roach, Goldfinger,
P.O.D., X-Ecutioners, Trik Turner, Little Kings (vertically challenged band) and many more.

                                with Saves The Day
                                            Blue Cross Arena
                                  February 7, 2002

Saves The Day were the first band to take the stage. They played some old songs along with
a bunch of songs off their brand new album Stay What You Are like "At Your Funeral" and their
newest single "Freakish". Even though the people in the crowd only knew the words to "At
Your Funeral" they really seemed to enjoy the set. Saves The Day put a lot of energy into the
songs and really interacted with the crowd. Weezer took the stage after about 40 minutes of
stage set up. They immediately went into their first song of the night as the crowd started to
cheer. They played pretty much all the songs off their first three albums like "My Name Is
Jonas", "In The Garage", "Say It Ain't So", "Buddy Holly", "Surf Wax America", "The Good Life",
"Pink Triangle", "Island In The Sun". Weezer also introduced us to songs that would be on
their new release Maladroit like "Keep Fishin'" and "Dope Nose". Good bands, good show!

                                       Water Street Music Hall
                                     May 14, 2002

A small bar in downtown Rochester is the only venue Static-X has played since it's five shows
in this city. As expected doors opened late, line was backed up around the block and around it
again. Doors opened half an hour late, everyone runs in to the bar to get a quick fix before
the pits and then get their smoke on before the openers come on. 40 Below Summer were a
late edition to the line up, which unfortunately couldn't make it to the show for disclosed
reasons. But we still got Sinisstar, Earshot and Static-X! Sinisstar was the opener and they
did a good job starting out the show, no violent bone breaking pits during their set though.
Their sound alone was a lyrical Tantric meets musical Metallica. They can come back any time.
Not too bad for a thirty minute set. Next up was Earshot, which set us up for the chaos the
rest of the night was coming down to. The set Earshot performed was energentic and loud,
the way I like it. One hell of a skilled band, lots of talent and enthusiasm. Oh of course they
performed their hit song, of course it's hard to pick a favorite from that good a set. After this
everyone was eager and ready for Static-X. It took the longest, stuffiest and pushy half hour
of waiting on a solid packed floor wall to wall wait till Static-X finally came. Thank you
everyone there, we all loved the excruciating pain of elbows digging in backs and gates under
our ribcages. The chanting of "What the fuck?", "We want Static-X!" and more "What the
fuck?" kept everyone occupied. Wow, what a crazy hour of music after that wait. This was the
first show in Rochester with Tripp Eisen,the old guitarist of Dope. Once they made it out on
stage it was all out chaos, it was awesome! The shouting and pushing got worse, the pit
made it's way up to the line in front of the gate. Security was on pit patrol, for what reason I
don't understand. I want a job where I get paid to play in mosh pits! The beginning was all
the old songs and the band drinking some weird combination drink, which ended up on the
crowd anyways, cup and all. I can't forget to talk about pixy stix and how weird they were to
those who never had them. According to Wayne Static "You're not in Dope anymore lay off the
crack". He tried one, didn't mind them. The whole band had pixy stix, it was such a cute metal
moment! The the moment of breathing and peace ended, back to elbowing people in the
head. The last part of the set was new music, a dedication to all the vampires in Rochester by
our dearest lead singer Wayne Static for the song "Cold". Unfortunately I had no one to bite
during this. The whole time everyone was shouting "Get To The Gone" so of course it was
going to be last. After the wild, super loud set full of explosive playing nobody could hear
without ringing for days, a few good days, three or four. Once they exited the stage they
came back after a few minutes of shouting. The corny South Park song was playing as the
band was throwing picks, drumsticks, laffy taffy, pixy stix and one single drum head which
was probably ripped to pieces after a short round of frisbee over the crowd. Oh my god it was
such a great show, so worth the hour of waiting, besides I like the elbowing and shoving deep
down. The music was running through your veins the whole time, it was the best time I've
had in forever! No one left disappointed. It was the best show Waterstreet Music Hall has
seen and probably will see. The floorboards almost gave way with all the music and
movement. Static-X has such a great stage presence you don't know what you're missing out
on if you skip their shows. If anyone misses a Static-X show, you're an idiot! Props to all the
bands that played, it was an amazing show! All the hardcore fans thanks for not de-heading

                                       Van's Warped Tour
                                                                LaSalle Park
                                               August 14, 2002

Warped Tour 2002 had a really good line-up with bands like Good Charlotte, Simple Plan,
Autopilot Off, New Found Glory, The Casualties, MxPx, NoFX and many others. Throughout the
day they had about eight bands playing thirty minute sets at one time. Autopilot Off played
the Drive-Thru stage. They played songs off their new EP that they had released a few
months ago. The crowd really seemed to like these guys a lot. Finch also played on the
Drive-Thru stage. They played their singles "Letters To You" and "What It Is To Burn". Other
bands on the Drive-Thru stage were The Starting Line, Homegrown, Allister and Rx Bandits
just to name a few. On the Ernie Ball stage there were female rockers like The Halo Friendlies
and The Eyeliners. Then there were more hardcore punk rockers The Casualties who played on
the Maurice stage. They played stuff iff their album Die Hards and really got the crowd into
the songs. There was a nice circle pit going during their set. After Andrew W.K. had finished
his set he joined The Casualties on the satge for their last song. Canadian pop-punk band,
Simple Plan played on the Volcom stage and drew a really big crowd. They played their singles
"I'm Just A Kid" and "I'd Do Anything" along with other crowd pleasers off their debut album
such as "The Worst Day Ever", "God Must Hate Me" and "Addicted". They seemed to be the
favorite out of all the other bands that day. The Damned, New Found Glory, Reel Big Fish,
MxPX, Bad Religion and Flogging Molly rocked out on the the Brian stage throughout the day.
New Found Glory played songs from their newest album Sticks And Stones. They played a
really awesome set! The crowd really seemed to enjoy them. MxPx played an amazing set as
well playing their current single "Responsibility" and old classics like "Chick Magnent" and
"Punk Rawk Show". They played a bunch of songs off their latest album The Ever Passing
Moment. They got the pit going during their set and the crowd really loved them. On the Teal
(main) stage bands like No Use For A Name, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, NoFX, Something
Corporate and Good Charlotte rocked out. The Bosstones really got the crowd going with
songs like "The Impression That I Get" and "You Gotta Go". Another crowd pleaser was NoFX.
They did songs like "Bottles To The Ground", "Three On Speed" and "Don't Drink And Drive Or
You Might Spill Your Drink". They had a pretty decent mosh pit going and lots of crowd surfing
as well. Rock band Something Corporate went on second to last on the Teal stage. They
played hit singles "I Woke Up In A Car", "If U C Jordan" and "Punk Rock Princess". Last band
of the day was Good Charlotte! Their set totally rocked despite all haters that stuck around to
throw bottles at them. They played a bunch of favorites from their debut album as well as two
new songs from their upcoming release. Everyone was really psyched to hear "The Anthem"
and "The Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous" as well as songs like "East Coast Anthem" and
"Festival Song". Warped Tour was a lot of fun this year!

                                        Good Charlotte
                       The Young & The Hopeless Tour part 1
                             with Simple Plan & Autopilot Off
                                         Showplace Theatre
                                          October 15, 2002

Three awesome bands, one amazing show! Simple Plan took the stage first starting off their
set with "Perfect". During the set they played "I'm Just A Kid" and their new single "I'd Do
Anything". The guys did an amazing job warming the crowd up. People really enjoyed them
and the energy they put into the set. Next was Autopilot Off, the crowed really seemed to dig
them too. They sound a little bit like Green Day but definately have their own sound. They
played their first single "Nothing Frequency" and ended their set with the popular "Long Way
To Fall". Last were headliners Good Charlotte. They played pretty much the entire new album
including the first single "The Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous", "Moving On" and the very
popular "Riot Girl". "Riot Girl" seemed to be the favorite along with "The Anthem". They did a
few of their old songs like "Festival Song" and "Waldorf Worldwide" which they renamed
"Buffalo Worldwide". They also played their song from the MTV cartoon Undergrads called "The
Click". Definately a very good show!

                                        Good Charlotte
                        The Young & The Hopeless Tour part 2
               with Bif Naked, The Halo Friendlies & Homegrown
                                      Water Street Music Hall
                                         November 5, 2002

The second half of the Good Charlotte tour with new opening acts Halo Friendlies, Homegrown
and Canadian rock chick Bif Naked was really amazing! Bif Naked actually only played the
Rochester show on this tour. She played on the club side and she got a really good reaction
from the crowd seeing as hardly anyone knew who she was. She played songs from her second
I Bificus and songs from her new album, Purge. Among these songs was the popular
songs "Moment Of Weakness" and new single "Tango Shoes". Halo Friendlies and Homegrown
played on the main stage before Good Charlotte took the stage. They played a really long set
despite frontman Joel Madden being very sick. Due to Joel being sick they took "Hold On" out
of the set and replaced it with "The Day That I Die" which Benji Madden sings lead on. That
give Joel a break from lead vocals. Good Show!

                                        Our Lady Peace
                                      Water Street Music Hall
                                           August 12, 2002

Canadian rockers Our Lady Peace played for a small sold-out show of diehard fans. The band
played old favorites like "Life", "Superman's Dead" & "Clumsy" as well as new songs like
"Innocent" and "Somewhere Out There" from their newest album
Gravity. After playing a two
and a half hour set, the band ended the show with "Starseed". Their set was full of energy
and the crowd sang along to every song. Vocalist Raine Maida climbed up on the bar and
walked across it and climbed up the side of the balcony towards the end of the set. He then
falls into the crowd and go surfing over everyone's head. What a great way to finish off the

                                        Kissmas Bash
                                            HSBC Arena
                                        December 5, 2002

On December 5th, Simple Plan got their break in Buffalo. Well that is how I see it.  With never
being played on this station before and having hardly any fans there, Simple Plan blew us all
away.  Receiving recognition from old fans and young, Simple Plan was a new hit here.  I went
with all intentions on seeing these five guys, who I have seen many times before and loving
them.  I went with my best friend and my other bud.  They seem to enjoy Simple Plan
especially my "girlfriend", after seeing them she was inspired to buy their record.  Well first it
seemed like FOREVER for them to come on.  I waited to see Simple Plan through artist, that
right now I can't remember the names and at the time I didn't even know.  Avril did perform
at this show and I must say was hella cute. Yes. Simple Plan played the normal routine, "God
Must Hate Me", "I'd Do Anything", "Addicted" and others.  How I missed those guys.  After
seeing them, I heard they were doing a signing, I went. When i got there, like WOAH! I knew
they are making it now.  There were trillions of tie wearing new dedicated fans in line.  
Pushing, shoving, bickering and screaming the girls stood in line for a good while.  While still
missing the acts, their new favorite band tried to make their way out.  Girls screaming "Pierre"
and "Sebastien" (the only names they said throughout the show, eh go figure) and trying to
push their way to the front, disallowed the guys from coming out.  Disappointed?
EXTREMELY!  Thinking that they would come out after everything cleared from security
pushing us away, I waited another 30 minutes.  I was fine with it though, I knew I was going
to see them again.  With the luck I have, nope.  They didn't show.  I was so upset.  I went
back to my seat and soon the guys came out again on stage to apologize for not signing.  Oh
well.  I knew the next time I'd get them, and that I did.  So all in all, good performance and
they certainly do have the GREATEST MERCH MAN EVER!  And Busta Rhymes was pretty cool, I
never saw a rapper before so it was cool.  Also Avril did amazing people!

                                       Unwritten Law
                                            "Seein' Red"
                                    Directed by: Marc Webb

The first single off Unwritten Law's new album, "Seein' Red", looks like a great start for the
guys. The video captures the entire esscence of the song. The video is based around Scott
Russo and an actress who portrays that of a struggling couple who essentially break up. And
all that Scott can see is this girl in his mind. Red is a symbol of the girl and the love they
probably shared. The video used great cinematography and it also included some very
excellent performance numbers. It is great to see a band like them doing a video that both
combines a live performance complete with fans with the real concept of a video. Most bands
today are just doing performance videos, which is completely and utterly cool. But it is always
nice to see a band that mixes performing with a concept showing the meaning of the song. It
gives the video more live when bands include some background of the song. In the end
though, the video itself is quite incredible. The video shows true emotion, which can be rare
in some music videos of this day. I definately recommend that you check this video out, and
see for yourself what a great band Unwritten Law truly is.

                                       Simple Plan
                                     "I'm Just A Kid"
                             Directed By: Smith N' Borin

The video itself is quite comical and clever. It ties in the theme of the movie The New Guy,
which was recently released since the song was the title track of the movie's soundtrack. They
shot the video at a local high school in California. The video portrays the guys trying to
impress the girl (Eliza Dushku, the leading acress in the movie). This video starts out with the
guys gathering in front of the school, except for one of the members. Sebastian arrives in his
car and proceeds to walk over to the guys when unfortunatly a school bus hits him. The other
guys don't get away unharmed either. Chuck decides to show off his mechanical skills and
tries to fix her car, when he accidently crosses the wires and gets electrocuted. Ouch! Then
David decides to show off how great of a skateboarder he is and ends up nearly breaking his
neck, when he doesn't land his trick. Jeff, who is in PE, gets in a wrestling match with a guy
twice his size. He ends up getting slammed ino the mat. And of course, then we have Pierre,
who decides to take one of the cameras that line the hallways and run around the school with
it. He runs around the halls, singing in the camera until finally someone opens a door and he
gets slammed in the face. In the end, the other guy (DJ Qualls) gets the girl. The
performance sequence in the video was great and it shows that a band can still be comical
and yet come across as a serious band. The weird ironic twist of the video and the song is it's
actually based on being in a band and not being able to see your friends and being able to act
like a normal kid. But one thing that the video did do is show what it really is to be a kid, so I
guess it makes up for it. Conceptions of this video were awesome, the director did a great job
catching onto each guys personality. Hopefully Simple Plan's next video will be just as great
as "I'm Just A Kid" is or maybe even better. I guess we will all just have to wait and see
about that.

                                       Saves The Day

The second video they shot from Stay What You Are is really cute. While frontman Chris
Conley is singing and playing piano in a bar, there are girls dancing with fuzzy muppet-like
creatures. The rest of the band can be found sitting at the bar or serving tables until the very
end when they go sit around the piano with Chris and the muppets and sing along.

                          Directed by: Francis Lawrence

Incubus' third video from their newest release Morning View, which shows a girl going to
different places like an office building to the middle of the street. In each part they show her
standing there with a grin on her face till all of a sudden she screams on the top of her lungs.
Between each of her scenes it will flash to Incubus playing the song in an empty room in a
big building.

                                       Simple Plan
                                     "I'd Do Anything"
                             Directed by: Smith N' Borin

This video starts out with fans trying to get into a Simple Plan show and the bouncer is only
letting certain people in. The bouncer kicked the bands merchboy/webdesigner Patrick
Cunningham in the nuts before letting him into the show. Some young teen boys dressed like
the members of the band get denied access into the show while the bouncer lets two older
girls and a kid into the show. Towards the end of the song Blink 182 bassist Mark Hoppus
sings with frontman Pierre Bouvier out on a bench in the junkyard. And Mark also flirts with
some punk kid which is pretty cute. Throughout the video you see fans doing some crazy
things in order to get into the show. It also has shows of the band playing for some fans. At
the end of the video all the kids that couldn't get in charge at the bouncer and run into the
show to see the guys play. The guys will be heading out on the road in April and May with
fellow Canadian pop-rock singer Avril Lavigne and pop-punkers GOB. If you don't make it out
to that be sure to check them out on the Van's Warped Tour.

                                       Bowling For Soup
                                  "Girl All The Bad Guys Want"

The first single/video off Drunk Enough To Dance is pretty fuckin' hilarious! It starts out with
a clip from an old video called "The Bitch Song" and it catches the attention of a girl walking
by. The video goes through some pretty funny scenes that poke fun at nu-metal bands Staind,
Limp Bizkit and Slipknot. In one part frontman Jaret Reddick is dressed as Aaron Lewis of
Staind and he is writing a song about a puppy on his accoustic guitar. He is smoking and ends
up dropping his cigarette on the floor which sets the room on fire and he's running around like
crazy trying to put it out. Later they show him as Lewis singing on the toilet. Jaret also
dresses up as rap/nu-metal singer Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit and is dancing around. Three of
the guys from the band Slipknot show up and bash him over the head with a bottle. They then
proceed to stomp him into the ground.

                                        New Found Glory
                                        "My Friends Over You"

New Found Glory's first single off the album Sticks And Stones called "My Friends Over You"
produced a very entertaining video. The concept of the video was based on the band's inside
jokes thay had between one another. If you watch this video you will find that there are
cameos from Tim Armstrong (Rancid), Brody Dalle (The Distillers), Travis Barker (Blink 182)
and Rob Aston. The director of the video did an excellent job of bringing out each guy's
personality. This video is a basic performance video, which is great to see from such a
high-energy band like New Found Glory. Though if you have ever seen one of their live shows,
then you know how much energy they put into their performances, even in their videos. And if
this is the first video from them, I can't wait to see what they have in store for us next. You
can catch this video streaming on all the MTV channels and on Much Music. If you haven't
already checked this video out, I highly recommend you do!

                                       Something Corporate
                                            "If U C Jordan"

The first single off Something Corporate's debut album Leaving Through The Window, is no
other than the perfect high school revenge song titled "If U C Jordan". The song encompasses
everything someone would want to say to the one person that made high school worse for
him or her. The video was shot in a California high school. The video starts off with Andrew
(pianist/lead vocalist) sitting in class. Then they shoot to the guys running out of class and
running down the hallway of the high school to this basement area where they rock out for
everyone at school. The performane is high packed energy, which is no surprise since their live
show is the same way. This video has been streaming on MTV2, look for it in the late evening
hours around 1-6am, because MTV has a problem with playing good videos during primetime.
This video can also be seen on Much Music in the primetime hours. Keep your eyes open for
Something Corporate's new video for the new single "I Woke Up In A Car". I have a feeling
that the new video will be as much or even bigger of a success than their first single and
video. I can't wait to see what these five guys have in store for music fans in the future.
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