House Of Blues in Cleveland, OH
December 8, 2007
by: Maureen Benedict

A little after 9pm you could hear the strings of Chris Joannou's bass being plucked as the lights started going down at
the House Of Blues in Cleveland.  As the room darkened, the fans started screaming for the Australian trio as the band
walked out on to the stage.  The band looked out into the room of hundreds of screaming fans and they started
playing the title track off their new album,
Young Modern.  Next was the opening track from the album Neon
. Frontman Daniel Johns introduced the additional members of the band including Paul Mac on main keys.  
Chris then started strumming the bass lines for their hit "Israel's Son", from their debut album
Frogstomp. They went
through a couple of new songs including "Reflections Of A Sound" before getting to one of the crowd favorites "Ana's
Song (Open Fire)".  Daniel began singing the first verse softly and as soon as he got to the chorus he stopped, and
the crowd sang the entire chorus together as loud as they could. "That was very nice!" Daniel said before breaking into
the second verse, which was much louder than the first.  Throughout the bands set, fans threw random articles of
clothing up on the stage, such as hats and scarves and even a crown and some goofy looking glasses. Daniel put each
item on, one at a time, while he was talking.  Then  he would toss them back onto the floor.  The band went through
some of their more popular songs like "Tuna In The Brine", "The Greatest View", the first single they released from
Young Modern called "Straight Lines", and "Mind Reader".  At the end of their set they played "If You Keep Losing
Sleep" and Daniel laid across the top of Paul Mac's keyboard as Paul bounced on his stool, pounding away on the keys.
The band finished the song and walked off the stage while the fans continued to sing "aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah
aaah".  After a while the crowd began cheering, screaming, clapping and chanting "Silverchair", "Anthem" and "one more
song". A few minutes later Daniel, Ben and Chis returned to the stage.  The crowd was still cheering as Daniel invited a
fan up on the stage for a few moments.  Daniel thanked the crowd cheerfully and said, "We shall be back!" before they
played the final song of the night, "Freak".  In the middle of the song the band stopped playing, to listen to the crowd
singing "body and soul, I'm a freak, I'm a freak",  before finishing the song.  The band thanked the crowd once more
while throwing picks and drumsticks into the crowd, and the curtains closed. The band put on one of the most amazing
live sets I have ever heard, and the music sounds nothing short of perfect.
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