The Audition interview by: Julie Magyar Name and position in the band?
Seth Johnson (guitar): Seth Johnson, guitar
Danny Stevens (vocals): Daniel J. Stevens, vocals

BS: How did the name come about and why did you choose it?
Seth: I'll tell you a tale, I will. It kind of reflects this idea that every time that you go out on stage and you play for people,
you're auditioning for their attention, you're auditioning for fans. So the Audition only seemed appropriate that it was
something that we were doing every night. Plus it sounds cool. I don't know.

BS: When did you decide that you wanted to play music?
Seth: I was in 8th grade and we were putting on a graduation show and I had only been playing guitar for about a year, but I
knew some blink 182 songs and I got a buddy of mine to play them with me and we went on stage in front of all the schools
families and we had this drum machine that we thought would just replace drums, but all it did was make a clicking sound.
So we played "All The Small Things" to a metronome with 2 guitars, no bass and me singing, which was... you could only
imagine. After that playing experience, I knew I wanted to keep doing that and after that I joined the Audition.
Danny: I was in 6th grade and I wanted to play guitar. It always intrigued me. My parents wouldn't buy me one, so I had to
do chores around the house and stuff like that because I was only like... 12 or something. I finally raised up enough money by
Christmas and bought a guitar, started playing, fell in love and started bands and quit bands, started new bands and quit
other bands and joined new bands and ended up here in the Audition.
BS: Where he'll soon quit.
Danny: Where I'll soon quit and hate everyone.

BS: Have you ever taken any music classes?
Seth: No. Well I did, in school, I played in the, not the band that plays in front of people, but the beginning band that you
only play in the classroom. No one hears you.
Danny: No. I had one vocal lesson before we recorded the album with Melissa in New York City.
Seth: That's a shout out. We could use some free lessons.

BS: Who are your influences personally and/or musically?
Seth: Musically - bands and people who have influenced me are bands like Jimmy Eat World, the Foo Fighters, it's a small,
little rock band, I'm sure you've heard of them. And then to be inspired to write a song is the people around you and the
feelings that come out of those connections.
Danny: Musically - I don't know... when I was little all those pop punk bands like blink 182, New Found Glory, thats what
really got me into the music. It doesn't influence me anymore, but that's what started me in music. As of late, vocally, I've
been listening to a lot of Jason Mraz. I love the way he sings. And everybody in the band hates him... Ryan might like him,
but everybody else hates him. But I love the way he sings.
Seth: We don't hate him personally.
Danny: No. You do. I heard you.
BS: I like Jason Mraz.
Danny: Good, that's a good thing. Yeah, I've been listening to him a lot lately.
Seth: Yeah, we know.

BS: What is something that you have been listening to lately that you would recommend to others?
Seth: I've been listening to a band that was out a few years ago called American Football and I think that people should pick
up that CD and listen to it.
Danny: Who else have you been listening to? Today you were listening to them. You've listened to them like all week...
Seth: Matisyahu. I forgot about that dude. That dude is crazy. He's a orthodox Jew Reggae singer who dresses up in his full
Orthodox Jewish Synagogue gear and he just goes up and rips it like Bob Marley.
Danny: Like I said, Jason Mraz - MR. A-Z, new album, in stores right now.
Seth: I'm on the Jason Mraz street team.
Danny: I help him out every now and then.
BS: Anything else?
Danny: I've been listening to a lot of Nada Surf as well. Their album, Let Go, amazing album. I like it.

BS: Describe the history of the band.
Danny: Got an hour?
Seth: About a year and a half ago, there was an Audition with a different line up. That included me, Ryan, Joe, a different
guitar player, and a different singer. After that, we lost our guitarist and we brought Danny in to play guitar, but Danny
ended up singing.
Danny: I didn't like my guitar.
Seth: Danny didn't like playing guitar and we heard him singing, we knew he was right, and we got Timmy because we
needed another guitarist. We've just been chilling since then.

BS: Describe the song writing process.
Danny: There's nothing really to describe about it. We basically.. Seth would come up with an idea, Ryan would put drums to
it. It would just come together in our practice room.
Seth: It's a beautiful, organic experience.
Danny: Writing a song with the Audition.
Seth: We all hold hands and...
Danny: Then the music all gets finished. For this album, Ryan and I sat down and wrote all the lyrics and I wrote the melody
and that's how it came about.
Seth: That's how they are born. The baby songs.

BS: What is your favorite song to perform?
Seth: Dance Halls - thats a fun one. Thats a kicked. Thats a hoot and holler.
Danny: My favorite used to be Dance Halls but the new up and comer is The Ultimate Cover Up. I love it, it's fun.
Seth: I like it too. I started playing it right on guitar so I'm pretty psyched about it.

BS: What about overall - is there a different one, like, say you recorded it and you liked the way it sounded after you recorded
Seth: I like La Rivalita. I thought it came out. It really exceeded my expectations for the record and I like it.
Danny: I really, really enjoy Approach The Bench. I think it's got a lot of diversity. That and Smoke and Mirrors. I think those
two songs have the most diversity on the album.

That was our tour manager. That wasn't anyone in the band
Tour manager: I'm drunk bitch... I'm the designated driver.
Seth: That was also the tour manager.
Tour Manager: Fuck you man. Fuck you guys.
Seth: He just quit on us. I can't believe this shit.
Danny: Oh no, our tour manager just quit on us.
Tour Manager: I'm telling all the secrets when my book comes out. My album comes out on March 3rd... 2005.
Seth: What? 2005?
Tour Manager: 2006 - It came out last year.. I only sold 80 CDs. Help me out.

BS: What is the best thing about touring?
Seth: Having fun with your friends. Moments like that. That was funny. I'll probably laugh about it later before I go to bed.
Danny: I won't. That wasn't that funny.
Seth: I'll write in my journal about it. And tell myself "that was really funny." Hanging out with your friends. That's the best
part. Food sucks. Stinking sucks... It sucks too.
BS: The what sucks? Stinking?
Seth: Stinking sucks.
Danny: Danny says... I like meeting new people... like you. Meeting new people is awesome. I like making friends and I like
talking to people and it's really cool. If I wasn't touring, I would not have the chance to do this.
Seth: Cause you know everybody in your hometown.
Danny: I do. That's cool because people can only stand a little bit of me, you know what I mean? These guys deal with me all
the time. And the people I meet on tour, they only have to stand a little bit of me so they might like me.
Seth: People thinks he's funny.
BS: So maybe you won't quit, maybe they'll kick you out.
Danny: Yeah, I think that's actually... they were actually talking about that yesterday.
Seth: What?
Danny: I don't know.
Seth: I'm already taking your money so...
Danny: I haven't gotten payed in like 3 weeks. What's up with that? Where'd you get those new shoes?
Seth: I don't know. I stole these.

BS: What's a question you have never been asked that you would like to be asked?
Danny: That's a good question. That question right there.
Seth: That's a good question. That's like freeing the genie from the lamp. You do something good for him and you free him.  
I'd like people to ask me why I'm so awesome all the time.
BS: Do you have an answer for that?
Seth: Yeah. It's because I just am. And I eat a good balanced breakfast every morning.
Danny: Yeah right. He eats Wendy's Spicy Chicken everyday. He can live on #6 from Wendys.
Seth: I don't even eat fries or drink.
Danny: And believe me, by the looks of him, he eats 10 of them.
Seth: That was cute.
Danny: The question I would like to be asked is... I don't know. Help me Seth.. You help me out.
BS: That's why I asked.
Danny: How about you ask me a question that you've never asked anybody and I'll answer it. It can be about anything in the
world and I'll answer it. And don't say I don't know because that's not a valid answer.
BS: I don't know? That's a question.
Danny: Not a valid question either.
BS: Why is the sky blue?
Danny: It's actually because when you look up, the particles are so spaced out that it... nah, I don't know.
Seth: The atmosphere, the lights that's coming from the sun and bouncing off the ocean and back onto the particles of the air.
Danny: It's not the ocean, is it?
Seth: Yeah it is.
Danny: Really.
Seth: That's why pools are blue too. You ever look at a pool and it's blue. It's not blue. Because it's reflecting off the sky.
Danny: Have you ever looked at the ocean? It's not blue either.
Seth: When the sun hits it, it is. It's blue in a lot of parts. Just not dirty America.
Danny: That's true.
Seth: Dirty, filthy shores of New Jersey and New York. Florida helps too.

BS: What's the best advice you've ever received?
Seth: The best advice that anyone's ever told me is... That's also a really good question. I really can't say. But that's actually
got my mind going.
Danny: You want to know honestly the best advice I've ever gotten? It's like... you know when celebrities or big sports stars go
on TV and they're like "Never give up on your dreams." It's true. As corny as it sounds, it's true.
Seth: You really shouldn't give up. If I could give advice, I'd say that, but I'm not qualified.
Danny: Look at us. We're broke and in a different state.
Seth: Yeah, and we're not giving up anything.
Danny: When there's nothing left to fear but fear itself.
Seth: And people with guns - be afraid of them.

BS: If you could be one person for the day, who would you be and why?
Seth: I would be anybody else so I could just look at me and see how awesome I am.
Danny: See how awful you are.
Seth: Honestly, I'd like to be someone else and see how other people see me.
Danny: I always think about that. Do you ever think about that?
Seth: Yeah.
Danny: Like late at night and you just can't fall asleep because you're thinking about it.
Seth: Well, no, not that. You're crazy.
Danny: Personally... who would I want to be. I don't know.
Seth: I would want to be the Dalai Lama. Someone really smart. I'd want to be the president for the day. That'd be really cool.
I bet I could do some damage in a day being the president. I could stand in a trailer in the shadow and look all creepy.

BS: If you could set up a tour with and band, who would it be?
Danny: The Beatles.
Seth: Kiss.
Danny: Kiss! That's a good answer. But the Beatles.
Seth: Because we would out play them every night.

BS: Favorite band you have toured with so far?
Danny and Seth: I Am The Avalanche.
Danny: Or Aiden. But I Am The Avalance.
Seth: I love them.

BS: Any last words to the fans or fans you might come across in the future?
Danny: Thank you.
Seth: Thanks. Thanks for everything.
Danny: We love you. Please come hang out with us.
Seth: Thanks for caring.. and being cool.
Danny: And listening to our record.
Seth: If it's brown, flush it down. If it's yellow, let it mellow.
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