Burning Stars: You are currently working on your new album with producer Matt Squire who has worked with Boys Like
Girls and Panic At The Disco.  What is it like working with him?
Juliet Simms (vocals): Actually, we already recorded with him nearly 2 years ago..but the experience was great! He's so
talented at what he does and really brings out things you didn't know you had..

BS: How many songs did you write for the album, how many did you chose to be on the album and how did you decide
on the songs you chose?
Juliet: I spent nearly a year and half writing for the record..well over a 100 songs..it was such a nightmare deciding what
songs to actually record and then after that further having to decide which ones were going on the record..we had to
narrow it down in stages. First top 40, then 30, then 25 and then 15..it was really, really difficult in that most of the
songs were great songs and nearly all of them were already out there (demo versions) and I didn't want to disappoint
the fans..

BS: Have you decided on a title for the album yet? When should fans expect it to be released?
Juliet: I have a few ideas of the album title:) and it comes out 2nd quarter 09..

BS: Pick a song that will be on the album and tell me about it.
Juliet: A song called 'Hush' will be on the album...this song has gone through a few different recordings but non
compare to the new 'album' version..im confident that people will love it..the song is about breaking up with someone
that breaks your heart everyday, by getting up and just leaving..

BS: You have been out on the Van's Warped Tour this summer. How has the tour been going so far? Are there any
highlights you would like to share from the tour?
Juliet: Its been AMAZING! Our crowds have been quite large and a week in a half into the tour we got bumped to the
Hurley stage and are on it till the end..so that was cool! One of my favorite moments was when I saw our first crowd
surfer ever..it was in Chicago where we had one of our largest crowds.. I was so stoked! So random but being on
warped is kinda like being a gypsy..I like that

BS: The tour is over in a few weeks and you will be doing a few dates with Mest and Quiet Drive.What are you looking
forward to most on that tour?
Juliet: I like both bands a lot so getting to listen to them everynight will be great!..I also know some of the dudes so
getting to chill will be awesome:) I am sad that warped is ending tho..everyone became like family to u so its a little bit of
a bummer it has to end..

BS: Do you have any tours before the Mest tour or after the tour in the works?
Juliet: The only thing planned is wrapping up the album and shooting a music video for 'Make Up Smeared Eyes'

BS: If you could tour with anyone dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Juliet: John Lennon..because I love him

BS: What can fans expect from Automatic Loveletter for the remainder of 2008?
Juliet: Music video, touring till christmas, new merch and Sean finally admitting his un dying love for Daniel..

BS: Do you have anything else you would like to add or final words for your fans?
Juliet: We love you all so much:)
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Automatic Loveletter interview by: Maureen Benedict