Joan Jett & The Blackhearts interview
*Maureen Benedict*
via email *  August 16, 2006  
BurningStars: Say your name, your position in the band and something about yourself.
Thommy Price, Drummer. I have been playing with Joan for about twenty years.

BS: The new album, Sinner was released in June, is there any song that you feel especially proud of?
I am really proud of how "Change the world" It is fast and sounds new with keeping our original sound of
the Blackhearts.

BS: It's been 10 years since your last album, how has the music industry changed since then?
There is so much that has changed.  Besides having more categories it seems as if it is a lot easier for an
independent to go head to head with the major labels with the Internet and especially with MySpace. It also seems that
more and more there is a greater percentage of bands that are "packaged" to sell records and are not about the music
at all.

BS: Why 10 years between albums?
There's a lot that goes into putting out a full record and we had to get the right songs and the right players

BS: How did the idea come about for the first video, A.C.D.C.?
That was all Joan and the director. I think it turned out prefect!

BS:  Besides The Blackhearts, which groups or artists have you enjoyed working with most and why?
There are so many artists (Billy Idol, Scandal, etc.) I have had the privilege to play with that I have a hard
time just naming one. Looking back it seems there was a band to fit my every mood.

BS:  In your bio on your website, you talk about The Who and said "It didn't just sound great, it was like
seeing a really great play or choreographed dance." That's a really great analogy, are there any other bands
on the music scene today, besides The Blackhearts, that you feel approach this level?
The Ramones!

BS: You are a well known, sought after drummer, how do you feel your style has evolved over the years?
My sound has always been the same just new and different songs.

BS: If you could perform with any current musician or group in the world for one night, who would it be
and why?
The Who.

BS: What does the future hold for The Blackhearts?
Hopefully 20 more years of making music and touring.