Burning Stars: You just finished your west coast tour with Evolove which wrapped up in Hollywood, CA this past week.  How did
the tour go and what were some of the highlights from the tour?
Jenny Mann (vocals): The tour was great and successful over all! Saw beautiful scenery and made tons of new friends along the way.
Evolove is a great band and now some of our best friends! I would say Winnemucca, NV and Las Vegas were two highlights of the
tour. I think we had a little too much fun those nights!!

BS: Right now you are back in the studio working on your new EP.  Anything you can share about it so far?
Jenny: We are VERY amped on this recording thus far... It sounds amazing and is coming together perfectly. You can expect fast
powerful music with vocal hooks that will stay in your head for days! We can't wait to share it with the world this summer!

BS: This year you got to play the Schecter Party at NAMM and will be performing at SXSW.  What did you think when you got
asked to play?  How did NAMM go and what are you looking forward to most about SXSW?
Jenny: Playing the Schecter show was awesome! That company is run by a great group of guys. We were totally honored to be asked
to play their NAMM showcase. NAMM as a whole was an amazing experience for us. As far as SXSW, this will be our 3rd year
playing. It is always a great vibe in Austin and we have a ton of friends and bands going!

BS: Are there any tour plans in the works for after SXSW that you can share now?  
Jenny: We will be touring thru the Midwest on our way home from SXSW till early April. More touring planned for late spring and
summer as well.

BS: Dream tour: where would you tour, who would be on the bill with you, etc?  
Jenny: Our dream tour would probably be with The Used, My Chemical Romance and 30 Seconds to Mars. Maybe in Japan?

BS: Any final words you have for your fans?
Jenny: We love you! Stay tuned for a sick record this summer and for us to tour our faces off this year! Make sure to "like" us on
Facebook (www.facebook.com/blameshift) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/blameshift) and keep up with us. We look forward to
meeting each and every one of you!
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Blameshift interview by: Maureen Benedict