official statement from Bleed The Dream (taken from the bands MySpace):
Hi Dave from Bleed the Dream here,
After many years of ups and downs were calling it quits. It's been such a rollercoaster ride from
the beginning, from sneaking onto The Warped Tour in 2003 and pissing off its founder Kevin
Lyman so bad that he later signed us to his label "Warcon Records". We have traveled the
world many times and made so many cool friends along the way, we like to think of Bleed the
Dream as more then just a band but a family, we have been touched so much by all the love
and support you gave us and Scotts family when we lost him to cancer in 2005 and we in
return have tried to give that back to you on and off stage. As the saying goes everything must
come to an End but that doesn't mean we can't remember all the good times we have enjoyed
together, I'll never forget the first time we played on the Kevin Says stage in 2003 when we had
no merch no tent no nothing Ha Ha. Then 2 years later we're playing at the Taste of Chaos in
front of 15,000 people (we almost shit our pants). Its because of you that we have been able to
make our dreams come true and we could never thank you enough for that. But we think most
of all what we will take away from this whole experience is how much it made us grow up and
see the world in a better way, we watched our friend Scott Gottlieb go into the studio and
record drums everyday sicker then we hope to never be, and that changed us forever! We miss
our friend and that being said were gonna dedicate these last 2 shows to Scott and his family
and all the friends and fans that are going through the same situation as we did. I truly believe
Scott's still with us in spirit, So Scott we got a surprise for you!!! I just got off the phone with
Brandon Thomas and he's coming to Alaska to sing all the songs on "Built by Blood & Awake"
like you would have wanted it… We feel so blessed to have met Tom he has been such a good
compliment to Scott's drumming and a great drummer himself and a over all great person.
Also I think it was great that Mark dropped everything to come join our band and sing on our
last record "Killer Inside"…I'm glad we will all be in Alaska as friends to the end playing songs
with Brandon from Awake/Asleep and Built by Blood and songs from Killer Inside with Mark
on vocals…
But don't feel like your never gonna see us again
We're all musicians to the end,
Tom and I are in a new band called "A Permanent Holiday" maybe Keith will join ya know he
can't live without me Ha Ha.
Scott's probably jamming with Kurt and Jimmy…
Brandon's got a new band called Phantom Communique
Marks back in the fashion industry and doing a Solo record
We wanna thank
The World Famous Chilkoot Charlies
2435 Spenard Road
Anchorage, AK 99503
for hosting our last 2 shows
and Alcatraz Records & their awesome staff and street promo crew for making it all happened!!!
oya and for coming out with us to document the debauchery.
Well goodnight and see you soon!!!!!!!!!
Dave and Keith
Bleed the Dream