Bleed The Dream interview
*Maureen Benedict, Megan Murphy & Katie Mello*
via email * March 9, 2007
BurningStars: Introduce yourself. State your name, your position in the band and something
interesting about yourself.
My name is Tom Breyfogle. I play drums in Bleed The Dream. I haven't slept in 2 days!

BS: Last summer you parted ways with singer Brandon Thomas and Mark Holmes took over. How has
the transition between singers been?
The transition was a very quick one. From the day I met Mark until the day we finished recording the
album was only about 7 weeks. He fit in musically right away. We just spit songs out every day.

The response that we've been getting on the past few tours that we've done with him, have been amazing. I think
that our live show is stronger than ever right now.

BS: How did the studio sessions go and how do you think the album sounds this time around? Is there
anything different than from the previous album?
Recording our record went amazing. We were in the middle of the forest off the coast of Vancouver. If you
went to the store to get coffee, you could see a bear! We had to take a boat to get out to the studio! It was a very
busy 3 weeks. After I finished drums, Dave would be in one room recording guitar with Ben (2nd Producer), I'd
be recording Mark's vocals in another room, and Garth (Producer) would be out on the patio listening to the
songs. Something was going on in 3 places at a time for 13 hours a day.

I wasn't in the band when they did the last record, but the way that we recorded guitar was much different on this
one. Garth has his own way that takes hours to do, but the results were amazing. I learned a lot from him.

BS: Your new album, Killer Inside comes out on April 10th and you're doing an AIM Campaign to
discuss the new album. How did the idea come about to do this?
We'd been talking about it for a while, and we thought that doing it now would be the best time to do so.
I've signed on a few times, and the response has been insane. I've never typed so much. It's fun to talk to fans like

BS: How does your new album differ from your last? Did you do anything different in the studio?
I wasn't in the band on the last CD, but I can say that this CD is very different from the last one. Obviously
we have a different singer now, but I feel the music has taken a huge step forward, also. Dave did a lot of more
experiemental guitar methods on this CD compared to the last one. We used an old analogue tape delay device
called the echoplex, which is all over the record.

BS: How did you go about picking the title, Killer Inside? And how did you go about picking the
artwork for it?
For the title, everyone put out differenent ideas and voted on them. There's a song on the album called, "A
Killer Inside", so that's pretty much where the title came from. We had Phil Knott do the artwork. We took
hundreds of pictures with him and when they were all done, we decided on the one of us laying in our own blood
for the cover. We never had the perfect idea for an album cover. We just saw a bunch of pictures, and chose it.

BS: Have you decided on the first single off the album yet?
The first single is the song, "Closer". We filmed a video for it a couple months ago. It should come out
halfway through March.

BS: You will be at SXSW on March 17th. Is this your first time going or have you been there before?
What is it like to be a part of something like that?
None of us have ever been to SXSW. We're all really excited to play and don't really know what to expect. I
bet it will be a lot of fun.

BS: You were recently confirmed for Warped Tour 2007. Are you excited about playing this year and
did you miss not being on the tour last year? (cause we sure did miss you guys)
Last year was the first year in a while that Bleed The Dream wasn't on warped. We're all beyond excited to
do warped this year. I went to warped every year when I was a teenager. It'll be amazing to be able to watch
Alkaline Trio every day that they play this year.

BS: What should fans expect from Bleed The Dream this year?
The new record comes out April 10. After that, we'll be touring the world over. So, come say hi to us!!!!!