Burning Stars: In two weeks on April 11th, you are doing a reunion
show at the Chain Reaction in memory of your drummer Scott
Gottlieb. For the newer fans and people reading this who might not
know much about Bleed The Dream, could you tell them about
Keith: Scott was the original drummer for BTD and was a part of the first
3 records the band released. Out on the road he was struck with Leukemia
(cancer of the blood). He lost his battle in 05 (2 days before my birthday)
on April 10th. He was the most amazing, generous, easy going spirit I have
ever met. This show is about showing love for kids with the disease and
remembering our fallen friend.

BS: This show is also a benefit for kids with cancer. You are asking
the fans to bring a toy to the show and you will be taking them to
the St. Judes and Children's Hospital Los Angeles. How did you
come up with the idea to donate toys? What else can people do to
help? Can fans that live too far to attend the show send toys?
Keith: Ever since this disease hit home we have been shown an out pouring
of support and love. Everyone that comes to the show should bring some
kind of toy..it's just a small gesture to lift the spirits of these unfortunate
children. If you can't make the show and want to help you can research
your local charities (there are TONS) and reach out your hand and make
someone's day, week..or life.

BS: Do you see the band touring or recording together again in the
Keith: haha...well..there is this little tiny buzz in the air that there might be
something happening in the future..we will see..would you like to see a new
BS: Yes.

BS: Is there anything else you would like to add?
Keith: I can't explain the bond and circle we made with this band..as I look
back we were and are still a family. Thank you guys for the support..much
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