Ticket scalping isn’t anything new and has been a long time problem.  But it seems in recent years bands have
been dealing with a slightly new problem involving scalpers and bands like Garbage and MxPx have tried to fight
back against them.  A few years back Garbage had announced they were coming back from a 7 year hiatus in
2013 with a show at the El Rey.  Ticketmaster did not have any tickets at 10am the day they went on sale and
about 5-10 minutes later almost every ticket had ended up on a scalping site known as StubHub for hundreds of
dollars and some even at almost $1000.  The band was beyond mortified by this and made a statement via their
website advising fans to not purchase any tickets from scalpers and that they were working on a solution for
fans.  The band announced a second show where they said 2 tickets per person and they all had to be left at
will call requiring fans to present their ID card and the credit card to pick-up their tickets.  More recently
Bremerton pop-punk band MxPx had announced 3 shows with the classic lineup at the legendary Troubadour in
West Hollywood and again a huge chunk of the tickets had ended up on StubHub.  MxPx advised fans not to
purchase tickets from the scalpers as well and that they were working with the Troubadour to fight back and
get the tickets into fans of their hardcore fans.  They ended up cancelling orders from suspicious buyers and
giving fans special codes via private emails to purchase the tickets which will be picked up at will call the day of
the show it was purchased for.  These are only 2 examples of bands trying to fight this from happening.

Now you might think what’s the harm in purchasing tickets from scalpers or from websites like StubHub? Here’s
a few reasons why you should not support them.  Scalpers hike the prices up way above what the band wanted
for them and none of this goes to the bands or the venues.  You are also spending your money that could go
towards merch at the show and purchasing the albums when they’re released. I don’t care what band you are
seeing no band is worth $900.  It is actually illegal to resell a ticket above face value even though it often goes
overlooked.  Why would you want to support this?  What if you were in a band and scalpers were snatching up
a big chunk of your $20-$30 tickets and reselling them for $900?  How would you feel about tickets not going to
your true fans and fans missing out because they can’t afford the tickets?  Not only will you be paying more
than the tickets are worth you also run into the possibility that the seller might take your money and run or sell
the same ticket to multiple people for the hiked up prices.  So basically you could be playing Russian Roulette
with your hard earned money.  After a quick Google search you can find websites with many complaints against
websites such as StubHub where sellers made copies of tickets and gave them to more than one person so the
first person that shows up gets in and the rest of the people are turned away. So why would anyone want to
risk paying ridiculous prices with no guarantee entry into the show?

Our suggestion is to not support ticket scalping. Don’t purchase tickets from StubHub, Craigslist, eBay, etc.  Only
purchase tickets via the official links or venue box offices and if the show is sold out look for other fans who
have extras or unable to attend the shows at face value.  Let’s stop ticket scalping and put an end to paying
ridiculous prices just to see our favourite bands.  Support the bands and your local venues by purchasing only
from their official links so you can still have money to purchase band merch, albums on release day and food and
drinks from the venues.
Buyer Beware: The Ticketscalping Epidemic
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