Burning Stars: Diffuser has been on hiatus for a few years. What was the reason you went on hiatus and what made
you decide to get back together?
Tomas Costanza (vocals/guitar): We all got the itch to record new material. Our small but loyal following was asking us
to make a new CD for a while so we figured we might as well.

BS: Your new album, Sincerely, Wasting Away just came out. What was the main inspiration for this album?
Tomas: Food...

BS: Originally supposed to be released in July. Why did the album get pushed back?
Tomas: I forgot to send the masters to the label.

BS: How many songs did you write for the album and how did you narrow it down to the 10 songs you chose?
Tomas: We wrote 10 so it wasn't hard to pick the final sequence.

BS: I know your album is on iTunes and Amazon. Will you be releasing it as a hard copy soon or will it only be available
as a download? Will you be releasing it in other countries?
Tomas: It's digital only. We're releasing the CD in Kuwait and China.

BS: The album has a really different name and album art. How did you pick the title for the album?  Can you tell me
about the album art?
Tomas: The name of the CD was sarcastic for the way the band has been talked about amongst publications. The
picture on the CD was shot by Anthony's wife..

BS: Have you decided on a single to represent the album?  If so, will you be shooting a video for it or have you shot
one already?
Tomas: "This Is Perfection" is the single. We won't be shooting a video.

BS: I noticed in your MySpace photos you now have a fifth member.  Who is he and what made you decide to add
another member to the band?
Tomas: The new member is a great friend of ours that has influenced the band over the years. We decided to bring in
another member so I don't have to drive the tour van anymore.

BS: On your MySpace it says the band will be touring the US and UK. Do you know when the tours will be? Will it be a
full US tour or are you only hitting certain cities?
Tomas: Still not sure when we'll be touring.

BS: Diffuser has been around for about 14 years now. What has been the most memorable experience thus far in your
Tomas: Having sex with Alyssa Milano.

BS: Do you have anything else you would like to add that maybe we didn't cover in the interview or any final words for
your fans?
Tomas: Yes, eat pork!
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Diffuser interview by: Maureen Benedict